A £1000 thank you when you introduce a business to Argyll

We’re always very grateful when you refer new customers to Argyll. If someone you introduce to us becomes an Argyll customer, we’ll thank you – and them – with a Selfridges gift card

You’ll each receive a £1000 gift card if they become a new office customer, before 30th April 2024 at Pall Mall, Old Queen Street, Cavendish Square or our Central Court locations. The terms and conditions have more details.

How it works

Ask your contact, or the business owner, to quote your name and ‘focus referral’ when they contact us on 020 3008 8888. Or you can fill in their details in the form below and we’ll get in touch with them.

Terms and Conditions

The referral incentive applies to all new introductions to Argyll of prospective customers who subsequently agree to an office at one of the following locations; Pall Mall, Old Queen Street, Cavendish Square or Central Court, for a minimum of twelve months (with no contract breaks).

New customers must quote ‘focus referral’ and the name of the referring party at the time of their initial enquiry. Contracts must be signed, funds and documentation received before the referral reward is confirmed. The office referral must sign and pay before 30th April 2024. 

This offer is open to existing Argyll customers only. The referee must not have engaged with Argyll through a third-party broker or agent in the previous three months leading up to the referral.

Recipients are responsible for any tax that may be payable on the referral reward.