• City of London

    Our city is more than where the office is

    Published by michaela.wrede… | 25th August 2021

    Some Londoners opted to temporarily leave the city in pursuit of greener lockdown pastures in 2020. However, we have seen the capital filling up month-on-month this year, with professionals steadily returning to their offices and, in turn, their beloved coffee spots, lunchtime haunts and post work bars.

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  • Michelin House Lounge

     What is a Coworking space? benefits & Features

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 25th July 2021

    The first coworking spaces began appearing in the early 2000s but they have recently experienced a surge in popularity. If you are wondering whether a coworking space is right for your needs, then this article should help answer all your questions. With over 30 prime locations across London, we are sure Argyll has the right office solution for your organisation. 

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  • King William Street terrace

    Back to business – the wining and dining revival

    Published by michaela.wrede… | 15th July 2021

    According to a study recently commissioned by London North Eastern Railway, the business lunch is set for a revival. 48% of respondents thought virtual lunches or coffees were no replacement for the in-person experience and 94% said they were better communicators in face-to-face meetings.

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  • Back to the office

    The Prime Minister commits to the office

    Published by michaela.wrede… | 1st July 2021

    Earlier this month, The Telegraph’s Ben Riley-Smith reported that Boris Johnson is committed to returning workers to offices and is fundamentally opposed to permanent homeworking. After the postponement of the long-awaited ‘Freedom Day’ in June, this vote of confidence in the workplace was a welcome headline. 

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  • 78 Pall Mall - Exterior

    Virtual office for business

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 24th June 2021

    More and more people are making use of a virtual office as a business address. This can help anchor your business in a more prestigious location. 

    We take a look into what a virtual office is, whether you can use them for a business address, and what it can do for your business. If you’re interested in a virtual office or virtual business address, you’re in the right place.

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  • 45 Pont Street Landscape

    Argyll’s period property offices

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 22nd June 2021

    London’s period properties are part of what makes England’s capital so majestic and recognisable. Argyll is proud to offer offices within some of these elegant period properties across London’s prime locations. Book one of our spaces and discover the style and sophistication of Argyll’s period property offices today.

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  • 1 Cornhill Executive Lounge

    Rent an inspiring office space in London

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 22nd June 2021

    Inspiring office spaces can be the difference between a productive day and a sluggish one. Argyll has a selection of inspiring office spaces in London’s most sought after locations. Look inside 4 of our most inspirational office locations and discover your ideal work environment with us today. 

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  • Meeting rooms

    Accessible offices in London - 3 things to consider

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 18th June 2021

    Accessible offices are not a new element to the workplace, but certainly more needs to be done to support those with a disability. Our guide is on hand to support your journey through understanding what an accessible office means in London, and how Argyll can help you to find the perfect space for everyone.

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  • Michelin House Atrium

    What is a smart office? benefits and features

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 14th June 2021

    Office spaces are getting smarter. In the last decade, the working environment is one area which has dramatically changed in terms of relying on technology. Learn more about smart offices and how they can help your organisation in 2022.

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