What are office amenities?

Office amenities are those additional features that go the extra mile, enhancing your work environment and contributing to your business’ success. Our prestigious London office environments offer exceptional facilities and services – take a rejuvenating break in our stylish business lounges with complimentary tea and coffee, or ride to work with the convenience of on-site secure bike storage and showers.

Exceptional amenities in our London offices 

Our serviced offices and co-working spaces are more than just locations. They come fully-equipped with an array of office amenities for your convenience and comfort. In all our properties, you'll find an impressive range of complimentary features designed to enhance your wellbeing and office experience. All our locations are unique, offering a different range of amenities, so we recommend looking at each office location to find one that perfectly suits your needs.

Benefits of having amenities in an office environment

When choosing a prime London location to be the backdrop of your business, it’s increasingly important to consider the amenities that will enhance your employees’ office experience. Especially in this era of hybrid working, your office should serve as an inviting home for your business that encourages your team to work and meet there regularly. 

For some teams, a private office space just a short walk away from major London transport links is non-negotiable. Or perhaps shower facilities for those who cycle to work would be highly valued? Finding an office location with the right amenities for your team can  lift morale, foster a more fulfilling work atmosphere, and facilitate stronger working relationships.


Embracing the outdoors, indoors

Employee wellbeing has never been more important, and thoughtful amenities can significantly contribute to this. A number of our  offices have gardens, roof terraces, or outdoor spaces. Giving your team a place where there is the opportunity to work, meet or relax outside can inspire creativity, kindle innovative thinking, and enhance overall job satisfaction. These outdoor office amenities are just one way we strive to create an exceptional work environment.


Prestigious London locations

Our office environments offer you a choice of more than 30 prime London locations, from Central Court in Holborn, to Pall Mall in Mayfair. Place your team in the heart of the capital with Argyll.

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