Union Coffee was founded on the principle of marrying high quality speciality coffee with responsible sourcing, making coffee better for everyone from drinkers to farmers. We’re proud to support their mission to improve the livelihoods of their partners all around the world through sustainability and fair trade.

Espresso    £1.65
Double Espresso £2.10
Caffe Latte £2.90
Cappuccino £2.90
Flat White £2.75
Americano £2.50



Teapigs are on a mission to get the nation drinking real tea again. Their tea is of the highest quality, with 100% natural whole leaves and no artificial flavourings. All of their teas are sustainably sourced and presented in plastic-free packaging.

Everyday Brew £2.50
Early Grey £2.50
Peppermint £2.50
Green Tea £2.50



Still or Sparkling Water £3.60 750ml
Coca-Cola £1.80 330ml
Diet Coca-Cola  £1.80 330ml


Alcoholic beverages are available in some of our lounges. Please ask a member of staff for more information. 

Prices are inclusive of VAT.