Rent an Event Space in Zone 1 London and bring people together in the heart of the city. Overflowing with qualities which can help you succeed, central London is a prime location for your corporate event. Discover all the different ways in which your business can benefit from renting an event space in zone 1 London below.

London Travel Zones Explained

London, Greater London and parts of the surrounding counties are divided into nine zones. The borders of these concentric zones are defined by Transport for London. Zone 1 London refers to the area at the centre, whilst Zone 9 is around the outskirts. This zone system was first established in the early 1980s to allow Transport for London to calculate peoples’ travel distances and costs. Since then, the fare zones have continued to shift and change to develop as London grows. 

What Zone is Central London?

Central London is largely considered to be the area inside Zone 1. Most of central London is found north of the river Thames where the earliest settlements originally developed. Zone 1 is broadly bordered by St Pancras in the north, Vauxhall in the south, Kensington in the west and City of London in the east. In central London and Zone 1 you will find sites such as:

  • The Barbican - a centre of arts and learning.
  • Bank - the heart of London’s financial district.
  • Covent Garden and the West End -  a cultural hub of arts and theatre.
  • The National Gallery - An art museum with masterpieces from across Europe.
  • St James’ Park - One of London’s eight royal parks.

These are just a few of the sites of interest you will find in central London. Alongside these are innumerous cafes, theatres, hotels and more.

Benefits of a Zone 1 London Event Space

Hosting an event can be a great way to thank your team for their hard work, entertain current clients and impress potential new ones. Some of the advantages to organising these events in a central London location include:

  • Easily Accessible - Make sure that everyone can easily attend your event by hosting it in a venue in central London.  Inconvenient destinations can detract from the excitement of the event and deter guests from attending. What’s more, being in an easily accessible location can attract more people if you are hosting a networking event or something similar. The well connected tube lines make Zone 1 venues simple for people to travel to.
  • Impressive Surroundings - From stylish lounges neighbouring Buckingham Palace to rooftops with dazzling views of London’s skylines, Zone 1 offers impressive surroundings for your event. These excellent environments will help you create a memorable experience.
  • Accommodation - A benefit of renting an event space in central London is that there are plenty of luxury hotels and accommodation options available within the vicinity. Once again, this can encourage attendance as guests will be able to find somewhere to stay if necessary either side of the event.

Argyll’s Event Spaces in Zone 1 London

With Argyll, you can host your next corporate event in some of London’s most impressive Zone 1 locations. Discover a few of the additional advantages of renting with Argyll.

  • Outdoor event venues -  Roof terraces with impressive views, secluded courtyards, and beautiful gardens are just a few of our outdoor iconic event venues in Zone 1 London. These gorgeous outdoor spaces are perfect for a summer work event
  • Bespoke catering - Argyll offers bespoke catering services at our event spaces. From the first canapé to the final cocktail, leave it all in our capable hands to organise.
  • Entertainment - Argyll has a long list of entertainment packages available. Whatever the occasion, we have the facilities to help your event be a memorable night.

About Argyll

Argyll is a collection of exceptional workspaces based in 30 locations across Zone 1 London. For over twenty years we’ve been driven by a desire to create the finest workspace experience for our customers. We combine iconic addresses, elegant architecture and design with professional and attentive service.  Every detail is considered to ensure our customer’s days run effortlessly. 

With over 30 properties in the capital, we offer the best in private offices, coworking spaces, hot desking, virtual offices, event spaces and meeting rooms.