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Argyll Tech is a suite of services designed to help you keep IT costs down, and keep your business technology up-and-running.

Specialists take the headache out of those time-consuming IT tasks, providing everything you need so you can stay focussed on your business.

In addition to the inclusive tech, Argyll customers can purchase:

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IT support services powered by Argyll

Additional Bandwidth Allocation

An increased allocation of internet (ISP) connectivity

Rack Space Hosting

Secure space in our Comms Room to host your hardware such as a firewall, servers or switches

Public IP Address

Additional public IP addresses to support your hardware. Available as a single static IP address or in blocks of 5


Direct Dial-In numbers to reach desk phones in your office

24-Hour Telephone Answering

Round the clock telephone answering service to ensure you never miss a call

Call Recording

An add-on service to any telephone package

Conference Bridge

Connect multiple people on a single call. Callers dial a pre-determined number to access a virtual conference room.

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argyll tech

IT support services powered by Storm Technologies

Comprehensive IT Support

IT support scaled to meet your business' needs, from a 24/7 IT helpdesk to ad-hoc support, to a bespoke support service, including onsite IT and AV support.

Virtual IT Manager

Specialists can help design your technology roadmap, and plan for growth, providing specialist advice and strategic guidance.


Have all your software needs taken care of – specialists will supply and manage Office 365, antivirus solutions, and other business-critical software.


The IT equipment you need, when you need it. Choose from an extensive range, from servers and networking, to laptops and printers.


Keep your networks, data and team safe and secure. Specialists can advise and supply security systems for your business.

Cloud Storage and Backup Services

High-availability, secure services give you and your team confidence in accessing your data, wherever you work from.

Office Relocation Services

IT specialists will ensure deadlines are met and downtime is minimised, as they decommission, relocate, then reinstate your IT systems and equipment. This includes transportation in their dedicated fleet of vehicles.


Who are Storm Technologies?

Storm Technologies are an industry-leading IT support provider, who provide flexible and reliable IT support to over 3,700 users. Their services are designed to simplify time-consuming IT tasks and keep your business technology up-and-running.

Get in touch

If you’re an Argyll customer, please contact your General Manager.

If you’re a prospective customer, call us on 0203 008 8888 or email


Answers to some frequently asked questions about Argyll’s IT offering



How much bandwidth does Argyll provide?

Argyll offers a starting bandwidth of 20Mbps capacity for each company. The bandwidth is synchronous, so you would receive a consistent 20Mbps upload and 20Mbps download speed.

Can bandwidth be upgraded temporarily for an event?

Yes. Please speak to your Argyll team for pricing information.

What happens if my internet is slow?

We can provide detailed usage graphs that show how much of your allocated bandwidth you are using. When you reach your maximum bandwidth, the internet will be noticeably slower. We are happy to increase your bandwidth for a trial period to see if this improves speed. Please speak to your Argyll team.

Can I customise the internet offering to suit my business’ needs?

We offer a very flexible and scalable internet service to our customers. Customers can start with as little internet as they think they need and upgrade as and when needed. There are no charges incurred with this upgrade, whereas other providers will charge an uplift fee. Upgrades take less than 10 minutes to complete; other providers can take up to 1 month to complete an upgrade. We provide a resilient service with a primary internet line and a backup circuit in case the primary line goes down, meaning there is no downtime. 


How resilient is the internet service?

Argyll provides a robust internet service to all customers made up of two separate full fibre lines running into the buildings. These fibre lines are from two separate Internet Service Providers and take two separate routes into the building.

How secure is the comms room?

Access to the comms room is restricted and needs to be arranged with the on-site Argyll team. Doors to the comms rooms are always locked. 
Argyll has its own Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to support its network infrastructure. Customer devices in the comms room are unable to use this UPS, and we strongly suggest if any customers need one that they provide their own. 

Will I have my own private network?

Argyll provides each client in their building with their own private network, commonly known as a virtual local area network (VLAN). This helps to separate each customer’s network, so the data traffic is not seen by another company. The VLAN is operated by both specific switch ports and the secure wi-fi service Argyll provides.

What are Argyll’s security standards?

The security standards include SOC2 design. Yearly penetration tests are undertaken for datacenters, access points and the network as a whole. 

Can my devices be hosted in the Argyll comms room?

Yes. We have rack space for client devices like firewalls, switches and servers. There is a monthly cost per U on device space taken in the cabinet. Please speak to your Argyll team for pricing.

Can I use the building infrastructure while still managing my own network set up and DHCP, rather than using the managed firewall?

Yes. You will need to have your own router or firewall which needs to be configured with your static public IP address. We can then configure everything for you in our comms room.

Is there a secure wi-fi service?

Argyll offers a secure building-wide wi-fi service. The SSID Wi-Fi Secure is a fully WPA2 Enterprise authentication service. This means each user has a unique ID and password. When a user logs into Wi-Fi Secure, they are redirected back to their VLAN (the private network that Argyll sets up in the building for the client). 

Is there a guest wi-fi service?

Yes, there is a guest wi-fi service called Guest Wi-Fi. Guests and visitors to the building can connect to this and will not be connected to any private networks in the building.

What wi-fi hardware do you use?

We use a Ruckus enterprise access point.

Office Layout:

How many floor ports do I have?

We allocate a maximum of 2 floor ports per desk. Where possible we will always endeavour to move floor boxes to meet the desired desk layout. If more floor ports are required, these will need to be installed and may be chargeable. Please discuss this with the Argyll team when confirming the layout of your office. 


What telephony services does Argyll provide?

Argyll offers a VOIP-based telephony service. There are a variety of call packages that can be arranged to suit the customer’s requirements. Information on call packages can be provided by your Argyll team. 

What handset models are available?

The available handset models are either Polycom VVX410 or 600. These are chargeable and pricing can be provided by your Argyll team.

Can I bring my own hosted VOIP Technology service?

Yes. If you have your own handsets, you will need to provide a firewall and a switch for your handsets. If you don't intend to use handsets, but instead a softphone app, there is no need for the firewall and switch solution. 

Can I bring in my own telephone numbers?

Numbers can, in most cases, be transferred across to our network. Your current provider will need to complete a porting process and then liaise with our carrier, BT. Information on our porting process is located here. Administrative charges will apply.

When I leave, can I take my numbers with me?

At the end of your tenancy, please let us know how many numbers you would like to take with you and we will confirm if we have them available. 

I would like to bring in my own phones:

Will you be supporting this system with your own firewall/switch or would you like to use our network?

  • No – our switches only support Polycom or Yealink phones and we will not be able to provide support for these devices.
  • Yes – our teams will need to ask some more questions about your switch or firewall equipment

Will your internet use wi-fi, do you hardwire into the back of the handset or will you be requiring an additional floor port for your hardwired internet access?

  • We will need to confirm that we have sufficient floor ports available to support your setup.


General Questions:

Will I need a Public IP address in order to work in an Argyll office?

You do not need a public IP address to use our managed network. We can provide either 1 single RIPE IP address or a block of 5 RIPE IP addresses. You will need a public IP address if you would like to set up and manage your own firewall. Speak to your Argyll team about pricing for this. 

Can I install my own Wireless Access Point instead of using yours?

We have access points located throughout the building which you can use to broadcast your own wi-fi, so there is no need to provide your own.

I would like to bring a printer – who can set it up for me?

Our specialist IT partners can help you with this. Please ask your Argyll team and they will put you in touch. 

My laptop isn’t working – who can fix it for me?

Our specialist IT partners can help you with this. Please ask your Argyll team and they will put you in touch. 

I would like to set up a TV with an AV kit – can you install this for me?

Our specialist IT partners can help you with this. Please ask your Argyll team and they will put you in touch. 

I would like to install a coaxial cable in my office to connect to a satellite dish or aerial – do you offer this service?

We do not provide this service but there are some great service providers available to stream over the internet, such as Bloomberg TV or Sky Stream. You will need to organise your own subscription with them.