Workplace trends is an ever adapting concept which we, as organisations, need to listen closely to. The previous two years have been uncertain to say the least, but we can not turn our focus away from the needs of our employees.

Trends Discussed:

Flexible Workspaces

Technology To Take Centre Stage

Increased Interest in Re Skilling

Demand For Quality Working Spaces

Employee Wellbeing

Our guide provides the top five trends which we could see either start to emerge or become more prevalent in our teams. We are on hand to pave the way to ensuring your organisation has the right facilities to host your teams or clients. With over 30 iconic locations in London, you can choose the perfect space for you to embrace the workplace trends of 2022. 

Why is it important to understand workplace trends?

Understanding workplace trends and the future of work in general is vital as our society grows and adapts to external factors. What once was a brand new concept, could have evolved to replace a whole department in some industries, as technology has rapidly expanded. It is for this reason keeping a close eye on workplace trends, no matter the severity of the threat to you, is important to consider for every industry. 

We watch for these shifts in society to bring you a guide to the workplace trends you may want to consider.     

5 Workplace trends you may want to consider 

Offices and workplace environments have seen volatility over the previous two years. With this in mind, we present 5 workplace trends that shaped 2022 and what we can do to help your company.


Flexible workspaces

If we have learnt anything recently, it is that the ability to work from home, or even work from anywhere with WIFI, has granted employees more flexibility. This opportunity does not look like it is leaving anytime soon. The benefits found from flexible workspaces include:

- Higher job retention
- Higher workplace satisfaction from employees
- Increased productivity 
- Flexibility to travel the country and still attend work 

The solution to putting this thought into action is a hybrid office model. We know it may not be feasible for all industries, especially those with customer facing roles or manual labour. But, industries which can adopt this practice of hybrid working, may see a happier team of employees.

Hybrid working can mean that you occupy a smaller office for your core team to attend daily, while also having the option of hot desking for when you bring the wider team together. This is not only a current workplace trend, but it can be a great balance for those who may have childcare or other commitments which may have been difficult to reschedule.    


Technology to take centre stage 

Our dependency, as a society, on technology has never been higher. With increased teams adapting to working from home, online video conferencing and emailing became the norm. This shift may not see a reduction, but the workplace trend of increased reliance on technology will be important. 

When you secure one of our London office spaces, you will be provided with consistent connectivity and securing when using the WIFI. Each serviced office includes:

- Reliable broadband and WIFI connectivity.
- Dedicated internet connection with a private LAN network
- IT support to help your days run smoothly
- Video Conferencing (if required)
- Printing, copying, scanning, binding and laminating (if required)
- Plus many more additional services  


Increased interest in re-skilling 

We have seen an increased interest in re-skilling or developing new transferable skills. Whether these developments are seen in the form of technological advancements or personal soft skills, it is vital to allow your team the ability to advance. If adapting to a hybrid or virtual setting, these skills sets can be developed as employees have more time thanks to a reduced commute. Not only should you think of this as advancements for your employees, but it can be beneficial for your wider team too. If you have a workforce which has a broad range of skills to offer, this can make processes more streamline and possibly more effective too. Meaning everyone benefits! 

Within numerous industries, technology is at the forefront. It can make tasks automated and cut time where needed. But ensuring your whole team can work efficiently with these technologies is vital. To up-skill you can take online courses in your industries field or as a company you can host team days to learn together. 

We can help you adapt by providing London meeting rooms. Depending on the location, you can host large or smaller groups together and develop the skills needed to work collaboratively as a team. In each meeting room, you can select your layout from: 

- Boardroom

- U-shape, 

- Classroom

- Theatre 

Having company learning days can allow the team to connect and bounce new innovative ideas off each other in a safe environment.


Demand for quality working spaces 

High quality, London office spaces are seeing a rise in demand. Competing with the idea of flexible working solutions, the office experience needs to be both inspiring and inviting, if it is to entice employees to commute everyday. Not only does the office itself need to be an experience, the location of these buildings can be a major selling point to prospective clients and future employees. 

Our offices are located in central landmarks and are well connected throughout the city of London. To reach your chosen destination, you can:

- Use the London Underground - Common lines used are the central line, the northern line and the piccadilly line.

- Use Santander Cycle bikes for all major cycle routes in the capital.   

- Use public buses - Bus stops are located throughout the city of London and can sometimes cost less than a cup of coffee.


Employee wellbeing will be imperative 

Health and wellbeing is a priority. Some organisations may opt for the route of putting wellbeing programs in place, but the main objective you should be considering is how to reconnect in the workplace. Connection is a powerful tool for any organisation in any industry, but during the past two years this may have been forgotten. 

We can help you to provide reconnection by offering co-working spaces in a selection of our London offices. Designed with high-quality furniture and a refined aesthetic, you can spend your breakout time chatting with colleagues, or laughing over a complementary cup of coffee. Embrace the on-site amenities and facilities, in our co-working and lounge areas, to increase your sense of belonging.  


About Argyll serviced offices

Argyll offers the most exclusive office environments at the most prestigious addresses in London. Driven by a desire to provide businesses with a sophisticated place to work, meet and host events, we design every element of our beautiful properties to create a lasting impression – on our customers, and their guests.

Our unique combination of distinctive buildings, contemporary yet classic interiors, unrivalled attention-to-detail and consistently exceptional service, defines our signature Argyll experience. We pride ourselves on never imposing our brand on our customers. Instead, our unbranded spaces provide a stylish backdrop, while our empowered team delivers a personal service to support our customers’ success.

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