As we close one year and set objectives for the next, it is often an opportune moment to take stock of your business’ trajectory as well as your own. Indeed, we recently read a couple of fascinating features, which may provide both inspiration and information for those seeking new tactics for the year ahead.

In an article for CEOWORLD Magazine, Rhett Power, author of The Entrepreneur’s Book of Actions, cites research revealing that 99% of HR leaders expect their companies to utilise a hybrid approach in 2022. Clearly, the world of work faces new challenges in the year ahead and, to ensure this hybrid approach takes flight, Power reminds readers of some basic tips. Perhaps his most interesting piece of advice is to include employees in the planning. Which days do they want to come into the office, for example? A more collaborative approach to the working week can create a more engaged and, ultimately, happier workforce.

In addition, in his fascinating Harvard Business Review essay, Peter Bregman reminds us that a culture of feedback doesn’t always foster improvement. Feedback is generally considered to be a good thing – it helps people develop and makes organisations better places to work. And yet the CEO of executive coaching company Bregman Partners tells us that we aren’t very good at it. Instead of feedback, Bregman encourages us to build a culture of high performance by shifting from a ‘critic’ to an ‘ally’, someone who is caring whilst exhibiting confidence and commitment.

The New Year brings a fresh start, a chance to reassess a management style or an organisation culture. After a year like 2021, dipping into Bregman’s and Power’s insights could well provide a tactic or two to deploy in January. 

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