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Looking for an office space in London? You’ve come to the right place. We know it can be difficult finding an office space that is right for you. At Argyll, we have over 30 locations to give your business the office space it needs in a safe, secure way. We’ve gone above and beyond to follow guidelines to help you get your teams back together in the safest way. 

Below, we answer some questions about office spaces to help you find the perfect office space for you and your business. 


- What to look for in an office space
- How do I find cost effective office space?
- What about an office space with Argyll?

What to look for in an office space

Your office space should have everything you might need for your business. If there’s something you need in order to run your business or do your job, your office space should reflect that. Be that Wi-Fi, broadband, flexible desk spaces, designated meeting rooms, a cleaner… the list goes on. Whatever it is, you need to have what is necessary for your business, right there in your office space. Other factors are just as important, so we’ve included a helpful list of what to look for in an office space.


When choosing an office space, you need to look at what location is going to be best for your business. Can your clients find you hassle free, and is it clear they’re in the right place? Can your employees or co-workers get there easily? You should also consider the neighbourhood. What does it say about your brand, and how secure is it? Think about local businesses. Is there a gym nearby, or a coffee shop and easy lunch options for staff or clients? These will help keep you and your business happy.


Consider whether you have a space dedicated to client meetings, and for speaking privately when necessary. Also consider how happy your employees will be working in this space. Is there enough social and recreational space to keep everyone motivated and relaxed?


Although this may be less thought about when choosing an office space, it matters a great deal. This is going to represent your brand, and your office space needs to reflect it. Your clients are going to see this space, your potential clients will see this space, and your employees have to work in this space. It needs to be cohesive with the brand itself. Consider whether you’d be happy posting interior pictures of your office space to your website and social media channels. Is the office space customiseable?


Ultimately, this is the most important factor in choosing an office space. Think about your budget, and what this space will contribute to your business, and how much you can afford to dedicate to an office space. Know your budget before you look. Give yourself room to go up or down, depending on what the space can provide for you and your business.

How do I find a cost effective office space?

There are a few ways to find cost effective office space. We’ve listed a few tips and options to help you find an office space that’s right for you and within your budget.

A great option for a more cost effective office space is to opt for a co-working space. This simply means people sharing office space, not necessarily working together. This may help you give your employees access to the equipment they need, that you may not be able to provide otherwise. 


Why are office spaces important?

Office spaces can be an important asset to the company as it brings the teams together for collaboration. Having the dedicated space to generate new ideas is valuable, not only for business innovation, but for personal morale too. This is not to say coworking lounges and hot desking are not a viable option, but securing your own office space could potentially improve employees wellbeing by having the security and knowledge that they have their own area to work from daily. 

What about an office space with Argyll?

At Argyll, we offer many options to help provide the best office space and set up for you. 

You can rent a dedicated desk space in our buildings. As well as your own personal desk, you have access to all the workplace amenities and facilities. Meeting rooms are available to book as and when you need them, and you are free to use the break-out areas and kitchens as required. 

We also offerL*mh7t[sRF'm;A co-working options in our iconic London locations. You pay for what you need, whether that’s access across multiple locations, or just one. For one day, occasional, or unlimited use. We’re as flexible as your business needs are. 

We specialise in providing an excellent office space with many added extras for your every need. A professional space, with high-quality furniture, access to high-spec technology, as well as professional receptionists to greet you and your guests. Choose from over 30 London locations, so you can stay connected to your clients within London city.

Argyll prides itself on providing the highest standard of office space. Let Argyll look after you and your business, and give you the office space you deserve. 

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