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As lockdown restrictions start to ease, a hybrid working model could be at the forefront of businesses' minds to support their workforce. Over the last 18 months, we have all had to adapt to the ever changing restrictions, which has impacted our work environments.

We know that the future of the workplace is changing, which is why moving towards a hybrid working model allows the flexibility of working both in an office and from home. At Argyll we offer exceptional private offices and co-working spaces, as well as our hub and flex working solutions. Learn the benefits of hybrid working and discover how an Argyll office can help you through this transition.

What Is hybrid working?

Hybrid working is the flexible solution to seamlessly transition between working from a London office space, public location or remotely from home. The concept is not a new model in the work environment, but has certainly been turbo charged during the pandemic. The idea behind hybrid working models is to allow the team to divide their time between an office location and a remote location. Since numerous people experienced this dynamic shift during 2020, The Adecco Group conducted research towards the future of work. They found that 3 in 4 people questioned wanted a mix of office-based and remote working. Having a hybrid working model in place for your company can provide several benefits including increased performance and collaboration.

The benefits of hybrid working

Throughout the pandemic, the dynamic shift to remote working highlighted the benefits of having a physical office space that a team could collaborate in. At Argyll we offer a Hub & Flex hybrid work solution so you and your team can have the flexibility of an office space and hot desking

The top three benefits found from incorporating a hybrid working environment in your business includes:

Increased productivity - Having a mixture of office and remote working allows individuals productivity to be increased as they can bridge the gap between what they find distracting. Often home and office environments can present different challenges and distractions to individuals but the hybrid between being able to work in both locations, means employees are not feeling isolated and out of sync with other colleagues.

Job satisfaction and wellbeing - Employees have found that having a sense of freedom within their work environment increased job satisfaction, as they felt they had more control over their work and home schedule. Having the flexibility of a communal workspace and home environment could result in increased employee happiness and wellbeing.

Better collaboration and communication - It is no secret that working together and interacting face-to-face with colleagues makes collaborating easier. But whilst we have adapted to online remote communication tools, having the option to see each other in person can make discussions more worthwhile.

We have adapted our workspace to make returning to the workplace safe and comfortable for all.

How Argyll can support you moving towards hybrid working

 Argyll can support your business's transition to a hybrid work environment by offering a hub (a small office for your core team) with complimentary hot desking for the rest of the team when bringing them together under one roof. Having this arrangement can present you with a London office base, without having to pay for empty desks when your team works remotely. The other benefit to this is that you will have room to grow within our locations, as you can add additional office space when you need more permanent desks. 

If hybrid working is something you may be considering for the future, but not right now, we have other options for you to consider. We have various meeting rooms, co-working spaces and virtual offices, to name but a few ways we can support you and your team getting back into the workplace. All the options provide flexibility and agility, while ensuring we provide attentive service and exceptional quality. However you decide to gather your team, Argyll are on hand to ensure you are comfortable and have everything you need with all the added extras you need for a smooth day at work.. 

About Argyll private offices

Founded over 20 years ago, Argyll’s ambitions have never changed. We provide businesses exceptional, private offices and workspaces in London’s most prestigious locations. With 30 London office locations to choose from, we are sure to have a workspace suitable for your team to return to work safely. Discover our selection of serviced offices today.

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