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What makes an inspiring office space?

The benefits of an inspiring office space for business

Argyll’s inspiring office spaces in London

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Inspiring office spaces can be the difference between a productive day and a sluggish one.

They are designed to encourage your best ideas and stimulate your brain. They invite creativity and collaboration across your team. Perhaps most importantly of all, inspiring office spaces have the technology to keep up with you. Rather than settling for four grey walls, why not book a modern and exciting work environment? We have a selection of inspiring office spaces in London’s most sought after locations. Look inside 4 of our most inspirational office locations and discover your ideal work environment with us today. 


What makes an inspiring office space?

Inspiring office spaces in London are perfect for injecting energy and innovation into your business. Employees are evermore looking for workspaces that outdo the comforts of their home. Offices are evolving to meet these new demands. From sleek and sophisticated design, to state of the art facilities, inspiring office spaces are places where people want to come to work. If you are considering renting an office in London, here are some qualities that make for an inspirational workspace:

Modern designs - Inspiring offices should be modern, open spaces which support the flow of ideas throughout your team. The design should be versatile and flexible to create a workspace which supports every stage of the work process. 

Incredible natural light - Bright spaces spark bright ideas. Not only has natural light been linked to improved productivity but it also has been shown to have positive effects on employee wellbeing. Our inspiring office spaces in London are flooded with as much daylight as England can offer! 

Quality furnishings - We work our best when we feel at ease. Inspiring office spaces will be equipped with furniture which helps you to feel comfortable and also to maintain good posture. Our offices are furnished to be relaxed yet refined. 

Futuristic technology - When you and your team are in the flow, you need fast technology that won’t hold you back. Inspiring office spaces in London could have resources such as visual collaboration tools, presentation equipment and virtual technology



The benefits of an inspiring office space for business

Inspiring office spaces in London have many benefits for businesses and their employees. Here are a few of the top reasons why you should consider booking one. 

Stimulate employees - Perhaps the most prominent benefit of inspiring office spaces is that they can stimulate your employees. After months of working from home, inspiring office spaces are the perfect solution to zoom fatigue. Not only could staff output be increased, but also more creative thinking could be induced. 

Impress clients - If you are meeting clients, inspiring office spaces can help demonstrate the quality of your company. With our range of impressive meeting rooms, you can make sure your clients walk away from an enjoyable and comfortable work experience. These good spirits are the key to positive work relationships going forward.

Draw talent and improve staff retention - Inspirational office spaces can make a company standing apart from rest. Not only can they be a pull factor for potential new employees but also uplifting work environments can have a positive effect on quality of life. This subsequently increases staff retention as workers feel happier.

By booking an inspiring office space today, companies can inject fresh energy into their businesses and showcase their excellence.


Argyll’s inspiring office spaces in London

We are proud to provide premier workspaces across some of London’s most desirable locations. Alongside our many coworking spaces, and events venues, we have a selection of inspiring office spaces and meeting rooms. These are a few of our most inspirational meeting rooms available to book now. 


1. The Dome meeting room

Dome Meeting Room


The Dome Meeting Room is a sophisticated circular room with an impressive domed ceiling. The space combines the best of the past in its period detailings with the possibility of the future in its modern furnishings. The result is an inspiring office space where everyone can draw on their splendid surroundings for ideas. 

This inspirational meeting room is suitable for up to 40 people. It is found within Cornhill, a sophisticated Grade II listed property, and is walking distance from Liverpool Street and Cannon Street tube stations. 


2. The Victoria meeting room

Victoria Meeting Room


If you are interested in booking an inspiring office space in London for the team to knuckle down and find fresh solutions, look no further than the Victoria Meeting Room. Floor to ceiling windows provide an incredible view of Buckingham Palace and fill the meeting room with natural light. The meeting room is also equipped with full video conferencing and audio visual technology to facilitate your work. 

This inspiring office space can be found near Victoria Station in our Nova North property. It is suitable for up to 10 people at a time and comes with all the added extras of an Argyll office such as catering and bike storage.

3. The Wellington meeting room

Wellington Meeting Room


The Wellington Meeting Room fulfils all expectations of inspiring office spaces in London. The room is open and bright with natural light from the floor to ceiling windows. Employees and clients alike can be impressed by the magnificent view of the city below as they enjoy the comfort of the modern furnishings. Add to this sleek modern design and leading technology and you have an inspirational meeting room almost guaranteed to stimulate creativity. 

Found in our Octagon Point property in St Paul’s, this inspiring office space is easily accessible from Bank, City Thameslink and Moorgate stations. Suitable for 16 people at a time, this meeting room is superb for convening with clients. 


4. The Robert Adam meeting room

Robert Adam Meeting Room

Inspiring office spaces in London don’t come much more impressive than the Robert Adam Meeting Room. This grand room is embellished with ornate period features and boasts an original eighteenth century ceiling. Within this wonderful setting, you’ll find modern audio visual and video conferencing technology as well as new soft furnishings. The pièce de résistance is probably the meeting room’s balcony which overlooks St James's Square Gardens.

Book this inspiring office space for up to 40 people. It is one of our Mayfair properties and is a short walk from Piccadilly and Green Park underground stations.



About Argyll serviced offices

Argyll offers the most exclusive office environments at the most prestigious addresses in London. Driven by a desire to provide businesses with a sophisticated place to work, meet and host events, we design every element of our beautiful properties to create a lasting impression – on our customers, and their guests.

Our unique combination of distinctive buildings, contemporary yet classic interiors, unrivalled attention-to-detail and consistently exceptional service, defines our signature Argyll experience. We pride ourselves on never imposing our brand on our customers. Instead, our unbranded spaces provide a stylish backdrop, while our empowered team delivers a personal service to support our customers’ success.

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