Coffee culture varies from country to country, but all around the world it shares a few qualities. Not only is it a sort of ritual which helps people to reset, refocus and re-energise. 

For many, it has become a key part of their working day. Whether it is to start the day off on the right foot, to take a break from the screen or to catch up with colleagues or associates, coffee culture is strongly intertwined with modern work. Learn more about London’s coffee culture and discover some of the best cafes in London to help fuel your business. 


London’s Coffee Culture

London has a strong coffee culture, with many coffee shops and cafes throughout the city. In the workplace, it is common for employees to take breaks throughout the day to grab a cup of coffee. Whether this is done alone or with co-workers, it is thought that regular coffee breaks can help improve overall productivity and can reduce stress. 

Best Cafes in London

Since it has become such a key part of the working day, being able to access good coffee is important to many employees. Here are some of the best cafes in London to try.


Coffee shops in Kensington

3Ga2Ld9\&&kS&JKensington is a prestigious area in West London known for its grand architecture, luxury hotels and high-end restaurants. Unsurprisingly, you can find plenty of fantastic cafes in Kensington and a sophisticated coffee culture. Some popular options include:

Hjem Kensington: A Danish inspired coffee shop with an on-site bakery, Hjem Kensington combines Scandinavian and london coffee culture. Come here for fresh pastries and specialty coffee. 

Fait Maison: Opened in 2001 by two friends and coffee lovers Fait Maison is popular for its highly decorative and floral decor. Come for the setting, stay for the immaculate coffee.

Coco Momo: Bright and airy Coco Momo is a cafe by day and bar by night. It’s perfect for a caffeine boost, business lunch or post-work glass of wine. 

Muriel’s Kitchen: Experience the casual and friendly side of London’s workplace coffee culture at Muriel’s Kitchen. This is an easy option for grabbing a simple but delicious coffee and a bite to eat.

Aux Merveilleux de Fred: Cafés don’t come much more picturesque than Aux Merveilleux de Fred. This French patisserie has shops across the world and its elegant South Kensington tea room is a delightful place to pick up a coffee.

In the warmer months, take your coffee to go and enjoy the many sophisticated parks and green spaces that can be found in Kensington.


Coffee shops in Mayfair

Mayfair is known for its luxury brands and high-end shops. There are many coffee shops in the area that cater to this upscale clientele. Some of the best places to try include:

The Wolseley: A grand café restaurant, The Wolseley serves a range of specialty coffees, teas, and pastries, as well as a full breakfast, brunch and lunch menu.

EL&N: Awarded London’s most instagrammable cafe, the pastel pink EL&N is a hotspot for the style conscious coffee lover.

Monocle Café: The welcoming Monocle Café offers quality coffee and tasty pastries. You can also book their basement space for breakfast meetings or work drinks. 

H.R. Higgins: Located in the heart of Mayfair since 1942, H.R. Higgins has been contributing to London’s coffee culture for decades. Enjoy a cup with one of their freshly baked cakes and pastries in their coffee lounge.

Drunch: A family run business, Drunch has a vibrant atmosphere perfect for a midwork pick up. Offering a range of drinks and plant based options this cafe has plenty for everyone.

Many of these Mayfair coffee shops are known for their luxurious settings, perfect for impressing clients or treating the team.


Coffee shops in Victoria

Victoria is home to business titans including Microsoft and Google as well as some of London’s most famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. You can also find a wide range of first class coffee shops including:

Ole & Steen: A Danish bakery in a sleekly furnished space with lots of natural light, Ole & Steen is a great place to pick up a coffee or to work remotely. Don’t miss their speciality cinnamon socials.

Rail House Cafe: Trendy and inviting, the Rail House Cafe is a perfect place to experience London’s coffee culture. Its funky interiors are sure to get you feeling inspired. 

Gail’s Bakery: Fancy a delicious coffee with a top quality pastry or light lunch? Try Gail’s. Key players in London’s coffee culture, they are experts at what they do. It’s almost too tempting to pop out of the office.

Chestnut Bakery: With a team of international chefs baking all sorts of delicious creations, Chestnut Bakery is the place to go for great coffee with a side of something indulgent. Their sharing tables also work well if you need to open up your laptop. 

TomTom Coffee House: Producing some of the finest cups of coffee in London, TomTom Coffee House take pride in their work. Expert baristas use the freshest roast beans to create silky coffees.   

Many of the coffee shops in Victoria are also conveniently located cH7\v,nxVy7{*cnear public transport and shopping, making them a great stop for a quick break or a meeting on the go.


Coffee shops in Marylebone

The peaceful and charming area of Marylebone boasts many coffee shops. Some of the best include:

Workshop Coffee: Controlling every part of their supply chain, Workshop Coffee are able to deliver some of the best coffee in London. This cafe can get so popular, don’t be surprised if you have to take away at busy times. 

Souli: Importing their coffee from Rome’s renowned Sant’ Eustachio Caffe, Souli brings a strong Italian influence to London’s coffee culture. The results are immaculate and a must try if you work in the area.

The RIBA Cafe: The Royal Institute of Architects building has a cafe which is open to everyone on its first floor. This RIBA cafe is alive with workplace coffee culture as it is an ideal space for catching up on emails or for meeting colleagues. 

31 Below: Located in the trendy Marylebone Village, 31 Below is surrounded by other cool cafes and is a great place to experience London’s coffee culture. Its bright interiors and tasty food make it a tantalising spot.

Kaffeine: Taking their inspiration from the coffee culture in Australia and New Zealand, Kaffeine is a friendly environment to pick up a coffee from some truly passionate baristas.  

Many of the coffee shops in Marylebone have a unique and cosy atmosphere. This makes them perfect for a casual meeting or if you are in need of a more relaxing break. 


Coffee shops in Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is one of London’s most upmarket and exclusive neighbourhoods. Experience the very finest coffee in some of the superb cafes found in this area. Top choices include:

Freya: In true Knightsbridge fashion, Freya is elegantly styled in pastel hues with gold finishings. This coffee stop will be loved by the instagrammers of London’s coffee culture.  

Carpo: Enter Carpo and you are immediately surrounded by the gorgeous smells of fresh coffee, roasted nuts and chocolate. Originally founded in Athens, Carpo are so popular they now have five branches in Athens and three in London.

Caffe Concerto: A cut above the average coffee culture hotspot, Caffe Concerto is a truly refined haunt. Their authentic Italian coffee and gorgeous interiors make this an ideal place to take clients you’re trying to impress.  

The Serpentine Bar & Kitchen: Nestled in Hyde Park, the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen offers spectacular views with its delicious coffees. Perfect for a refreshing break from the screen, enjoy the park as you sip your drink.

39 Steps Coffee: An oasis of calm in busy London, 39 Steps Coffee is a great place to retreat to if you need a relaxing break from a stressful work day.  

The coffee shops in Knightsbridge are renowned for their luxurious interiors. This makes them an excellent choice of destination if you are hosting a special occasion or a particularly important client meeting.


Coffee Shops in Covent Garden

Covent Garden is the beating heart of London’s cultural scene. Many wonderful coffee shops can be found lining the streets of this vibrant and busy area of the city. The best cafes include:

Monmouth Coffee: With roasters on site, Monmouth Coffee has the excellent beans needed to make a smooth cup of coffee. Well worth a stop on your way to the office.

Fabrique: Originally from Sweden, Fabrique brings the mindful Scandinavian coffee culture to the streets of London. An artisanal bakery, their coffee comes with a whole range of tasty treats.

The Espresso Room: For delicious coffee with none of the haughtiness, try The Espresso Room. This simple setting is perfect for answering emails. 

Abuelo: Describing itself as “Australia meets South America”, Abuelo is a multicultural fusion of coffee cultures. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Coffee Island: A cosy cafe with stylish interiors, Coffee Island is a popular Covent Garden spot. Their atmosphere encourages you to slow down and  makes your daily dose of caffeine feel like a real treat. 

Covent garden can be one of London’s busier areas and so the coffee shops here might not be the best place for collaborative work or private conversations. Instead grab a coffee to go and try our nearby meeting rooms.


Best Offices to Experience London’s Coffee Culture

Rent an office space in London with Argyll and experience London’s coffee culture for yourself. Our premium locations situate you in the heart of London meaning access to cafes is just the beginning. 


About Argyll 

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