Why are meeting rooms important?

Meeting rooms are important as these are spaces where people meet, share views and ideas as well as potentially create some extraordinary business deals.

They are essential for the growth and expansion of any type of business so choosing a meeting area that’s comfortable, stylish and fully equipped will help you communicate better and build better relationships. 

Therefore if you are booking a meeting room for a conference or team-building event, it is important you make the right impression. The simplest way to do that is by choosing the right venue and the right room.

If a venue catches the eye and gets people talking they are more likely to be in a positive frame of mind. Unique meeting spaces will help boost attendee engagement and make your meeting a memorable event


What makes a good meeting room?


Room size

We have adapted all of our meeting rooms to reflect social distancing requirements so that you and our guests can meet safely face to face. We take the wellbeing of your guests seriously as we know that making sure adequate space is available will help your attendees feel comfortable and safe. 

Flexible room layouts

The look and design of a room add to the feel of the day. A versatile meeting room allows the room to be arranged to suit the type event being held. Whether boardroom, classroom or theatre style it's important to get it right. 

Video conferencing options

With added video conferencing opportunities you don’t need to be limited to the amount of people who can attend your meeting. Hybrid meetings look to be a part of the new working way offering a mix of on site and virtual attendees. Having access to top spec audio & visual equipment can make the day run smoothly as well as having IT support at hand for any tricky moments that may occur. The addition of smart office tech such as wireless charging and black out windows is always an added bonus to add to the ease of the day.

Quality furniture

Making sure guests have comfortable seating options mean they can concentrate on the information being given and not their posture.

Here at the Argyll Club we believe we offer some of the best meeting rooms in London. We have rooms available in over 30 locations covering everywhere from Chelsea to London City. 

Our express rooms can be booked by the hour. Perfect for those business-critical daily meetings, interviews and conference calls. Our other option is our executive rooms, available to hire out by the half day or full day. Ideal locations to host a pitch, AGM or a brainstorming session with complimentary refreshments included.

So if you are organising a day out of the office why not make it a memorable one. The Argyll Club - exceptional meeting rooms to host meetings safely in London's finest locations. All accessible by great transport links.
For more information visit www.theargyllclub.com, our blog or LinkedIn

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