We are proud to offer a multitude of modern, contemporary office spaces across some of London’s most iconic locations. However, as the ways we work evolve, so too should our work spaces.

For this reason, we have invested in a refurbishment project to keep our offices ahead of the times. We are going above and beyond to ensure we provide you with the facilities, support and technology needed to attain the very best results. Which of our contemporary office spaces could be the setting which inspires your next innovation?

Modern Office Spaces Which Work as Smartly as You Do

Whether the future of work for you means getting that all important face to face time, hybrid working or dog friendly workspaces, it is vital you have a modern office that meets all your needs. We saw this challenge and have gone one step further to offer you facilities you didn’t even realise you wanted. Our office refurbishments were carried out across our London locations with contemporary work styles firmly in mind. 

Our office refurbishment programme is being led by the esteemed Damion Burrows. He is the founder of DMBA and was Grand Designs’ House of the Year presenter. With his design expertise and our industry knowledge of workplace trends and developments, we are confident that we will create modern office spaces that work as smartly as you do. 

Which Argyll Office Spaces are Being Refurbished?

Our office refurbishment programme will renovate 275,000 sq. ft of prime office space across eight properties. The heritage of each building will be retained whilst we upgrade the spaces with innovative designs for the future. New furnishings, modern art innovations and the latest technologies will all be involved to reinvent the Argyll experience. The following spaces are undergoing some of the most inspirational transformations. 


Pall Mall Office Refurbishment

Our property at 78-79 Pall Mall is a beautiful grade 2 listed building. It offers sophisticated surroundings and a desirable postcode. We are developing some of its spaces to transform it into a cutting edge, contemporary office. Some of the changes you can expect as part of this office refurbishment include:

- Modern lounges: stylish new business lounges offer a relaxed space away from the desk. Our refurbishment project will accentuate the property’s period features with elegant panelling and a unique slatted ceiling to create a refined space. This is somewhere for meeting clients, collaborating with your colleagues and incidental information exchanges whilst allowing you to prepare food around the kitchen island.

- Technology Updates: Our office spaces are getting smarter. New video conferencing booths and zoom rooms are part of the refurbishment plan to transform our Pall Mall workspace into a smart office

- Key Amenities: Key amenities such as the showers, WCs and communal areas are being refreshed. These refurbishments are part of our dedication to support and encourage healthy practices in your working lifestyle.

- Meeting Room Upgrades: Our four high-spec meeting rooms are being refurbished. Our goal is to fashion some of the best meeting rooms in London to inspire you to do your best work.

These modern office refurbishments are due to be completed in October. 


84 Brook Street Office Refurbishment

Our property at 84 Brook Street is home to 35 modern offices. Each is designed to offer you an effortlessly stylish place to base your business. Our office refurbishment programme is upgrading some of the supporting spaces and adding Argyll extras so that every aspect of your work experience is first class. Some of the changes you can expect as part of this office refurbishment include:

- New Break Out Spaces: Taking breaks throughout the workday has numerous benefits. Not only is it beneficial for employee wellbeing but it also can refresh your mind and increase productivity. Our break out spaces are being refurbished to give you the revitalising respite you deserve. Inspired by the Mayfair townhouse look, the refurbished office will have a heritage lounge and a communal kitchen. This will be a coworking space where companies can interact and mingle. 

- Modern Facilities: An important part of our modern offices is the state of the art facilities. Key amenities such as the AC system, WCs and showers are all being updated. We are also adding bike racks as part of our initiative to create bike friendly offices and encourage healthy /z4_AlqUc+7~2@aerobic commutes.

These refurbishments are due to be completed in early September. 


Old Queen Street Office Refurbishment

Our 16 Old Queen Street property is in a prime location in Westminster overlooking beautiful St James’s Park. In this prestigious 17th century building, we are creating spaces that can adapt to different ways of working. We understand how versatile modern business can be and are building flexible workspaces which support your creative flow. Some of the changes you can expect as part of this office refurbishment include:

- Technology Updates: Some of old Queen Street’s spaces are being updated to transform the property into a smart office. Added facilities include new video conferencing booths, hot desks and zoom rooms to help you do hybrid working right

- Modern Lounge: Part of the office refurbishment will be focused on enhancing the customer lounge. The new space will be relaxed yet refined with booth seating and a communal kitchen. The result will be an elegant setting to impress clients, meet collaborators or catch up with your team.

- Refurbished Communal Spaces: Reception will be receiving an upgrade so that you can arrive and greet clients in the suavest of settings. Key amenities such as the tea points, WCs and showers will also be redone. At Argyll, we want every element of our modern office spaces to be the very finest. 

These refurbishments are due to be completed in September. 


Central Court Office Refurbishment

Our Central Court Office can be found in the heart of Holborn. Formerly the headquarters for the London Patent Office, this unique workspace is refined and striking. In our office refurbishment, we are keeping the architectural beauty of this space whilst introducing some more modern elements. The result is an inspiring office space complete with all the facilities necessary for your next big breakthrough. Some of the changes you can expect as part of this office refurbishment include:

- A New Reception: Our new reception area is designed to make arriving at work a pleasure for both you and your guests. Our office refurbishment will involve creating discrete storage spaces for coats and bags to be dropped off and redoing the furnishings for the perfect first impression. 

- Modern Lounges: Comfortable and stylish lounges are a key part of modern office spaces. Designed with a more relaxed vibe in mind, these spaces are somewhere for creative thoughts to flow and ideas to be shared.

- Key Amenities: The amenities we offer which make our offices premium workspaces are being revamped. From the new well-designed and well-stocked kitchen with filtered water machines, tea points and cooking facilities, to the upgraded bathrooms and shower rooms.


Cornhill Office Refurbishment

1 Cornhill Street is a grade II listed building and is home to some of our most sophisticated serviced offices. Within its distinctive, curved facade and six grand floors are private offices, coworking spaces, guest and business lounges, and six versatile meeting rooms. All of which are being elevated with our office refurbishment. This iconic architectural landmark is located in the heart of the City of London and is well connected via Bank and Liverpool Street Station. Some of the changes involved in the office refurbishment include:

- Beautiful Details:  This heritage building is full of unique and spellbinding features which our office refurbishment will compliment and put in the spotlight. The delicate fluted detail found on columns, fireplaces and window frames around the building, will be worked into the subtle curves of a new reception desk, unique light fittings and other modern furnishings. The result is an office refurbishment which ties together heritage class and style with modern functionality and comfort. 

- Environmental Improvements: Environmental considerations are a key part of our office environments. This means upgrading to LED lighting to reduce energy use and lower heat output will require less cooling in warmer months. Installing motion-sensor lighting where appropriate to reduce energy use when rooms aren’t occupied. Plus other changes to make our Cornhill office more sustainable. 

- 2 New Lounges: We will be introducing the Heritage Lounge and the Modern Lounge as part of the office refurbishment. These modern office spaces will provide a relaxed area away from the desk with optional screens for privacy and kitchen islands for a sense of community.


Davies Street Office Refurbishment

Davies Street is one of our 14 high-end properties found in the fashionable district of Mayfair. Behind its unassuming front door is a charming and distinctive workspace, with original 18th century features such as sweeping mahogany staircases and signature fireplaces. Davies Street also boasts a serene courtyard and garden where members can go to work or relax. The office refurbishment of this property is inspired by the Mayfair townhouse look. We are celebrating the building’s grand features and creating a contemporary, yet classic aesthetic. This space will feel like a new home away from home. Some of the changes involved in the office refurbishment include:

- Environmental Upgrades: The property will be fitted with new motion-sensored LED lighting to reduce energy consumption. The air-conditioning systems will also be upgraded to keep you comfortable whilst you work whilst limiting energy waste. A new heating system will be installed in line with new legislation. 

- Reception Renovations: Part of our office refurbishment focuses on elevating the style of our reception so we are ready to greet you and your guests in the utmost style. While some classic features such as the tiled flooring and panelled walls will be retained, enhancements will include a new reception desk, new lighting and new furniture and decorations. These changes will create a modern office space which is comfortable for you and leaves your clients with a glowing first impression.

- Magnificent Meeting RoomsThe Boardroom, Conference Room and Mayfair Meeting Room are at the heart of our focus for this modern office refurbishment. These grand rooms will be reinvented to offer a distinctive and elegant setting. Enhanced lighting, along with new flooring and design, give you an impressive backdrop. While the latest AV and teleconferencing technology gives you the tools you need for a smooth and effortless meeting. 


Eaton Gate Office Refurbishment

At our property at 2 Eaton Gate you will find an elegant space perfect for setting your business up for success. With its grand Victorian architecture and enviable location just off Sloane Square, this workspace is sure to impress. Our office refurbishment will focus on transforming this sophisticated building into modern office spaces. Some of the changes include:

- Updating Technology: We are incorporating elements of a smart office into our reinvented version of 2 Eaton Gate. This means introducing a video call booth to support hybrid working arrangements. We are also upgrading the AV technologies to create truly modern office spaces. 

- Key Amenities: Key amenities such as the showers, WCs and kitchen are being refreshed. These refurbishments not only elevate your experience with us but they are also part of our dedication to create modern office spaces which encourage workplace wellbeing and healthy working lifestyles.

- Remodelled Meeting RoomThe Chamberlain Meeting Room is being remodelled as part of our office refurbishment. We are transforming this space into the ideal setting for impressing clients or brainstorming with your team. Equipped with the latest AV and teleconferencing technology and furnished with new desks and seating, this meeting room will provide you with everything you need to succeed. 


About Argyll Serviced Offices

Argyll offers the most exclusive office environments at the most prestigious addresses in London.

Driven by a desire to provide businesses with a sophisticated place to work, meet and host events, we design every element of our beautiful properties to create a lasting impression – on our customers, and their guests. Our unique combination of distinctive buildings, contemporary yet classic interiors, unrivalled attention-to-detail and consistently exceptional service, defines our signature Argyll experience.

We pride ourselves on never imposing our brand on our customers. Instead, our unbranded spaces provide a stylish backdrop, while our empowered team delivers a personal service to support our customers’ success.

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