Plug and play offices are one of the modern work solutions that have emerged in recent years.

For small businesses, individual entrepreneurs and start-ups, this option could be the ideal flexible office space. Similarly, plug and play offices could offer benefits to hybrid workers and larger companies too. But they are competing with alternative solutions such as coworking spaces and serviced offices. Are plug and play offices offering anything new or different? In this guide we will be answering questions such as ‘what is a plug and play office space?’. Read on to learn more.

What is a Plug and Play Office Space?

A plug and play office is the name given to a fully furnished office space where visitors can simply plug in their laptop and begin working. These workspaces are usually fully equipped with office necessities such as desks, chairs, telephones, printers, and high-speed internet. This means the offices are ready for immediate use and there is no need to worry about furnishing the space yourself. 

What is the Difference Between a Plug and Play Office and a Coworking office? 

Plug and play offices are very similar to coworking offices in that they both offer guests fully equipped office spaces where they can get their work done. However there are some key differences between the two. 

Plug and play offices are private whereas Coworking offices are shared.
If you hire a plug and play office, you customarily have exclusive access. This means that only members of your company can work in the space. In coworking spaces, employees from different companies all share the space.

Plug and play offices and Coworking offices tend to have different business address options.
Similar to renting a virtual office, plug and play offices often have options to use the office as your business address. This means you can have a professional and impressive postcode for all your business correspondence. Often with coworking spaces, you can’t use the office as a business address without a separate contract.

Plug and play offices you pay for the space in coworking offices you pay per person
One of the key differences between plug and play and coworking offices is how you pay for access. Plug and play contracts generally are calculated on the size and style of the space you are hiring. Alternatively, access to coworking spaces is usually based on individual memberships. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Plug and Play Office?

If you are looking to rent office space in London, there are a few options available. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a plug and play office. 

Advantages of Plug and Play Offices

Quick set up - One of the key selling points of plug and play is that they are ready for your immediate use. There is no worrying about furnishing the space or setting up wifi and heating. All of this has been done for you in advance. Once you find your ideal location, you are ready to work. 

Flexible contracts - An advantage of plug and play offices is that they can be more flexible than renting a traditional office space. Not only are shorter term leases often available, but contracts can adapt and evolve. This means that as your company changes, you are only paying for what you actually need.

Appealing to employees - Plug and play offices, especially those in central London, can be very appealing workspaces for your team. Having a space which they actually want to commute to is increasingly important when other options such as fully remote working are becoming more readily available. Encourage your team to come together more often.


Disadvantages of Plug and Play Offices

Less cost effective than coworking - Plug and play offices do tend to be more convenient and cost effective than renting a traditional office space. However, these spaces can often cost more than coworking offices. This is because you are paying for a private space rather than sharing the cost with other businesses. Depending on your priorities, paying extra for privacy may or may not be important. 

Lack of personalisation - Some companies like to personalise their office and display their brand in their furnishings. This is not possible in plug and play offices as the decor is not within your control. That being said, these spaces do usually look very sophisticated and are furnished to a high standard. In this way, your office can help you give a good first impression to any customers or clients. 


Find Your Ideal Office Space with Argyll

We offer a range of premium workspace solutions across some of London’s most enviable locations. If a plug and play office sounds ideal for you, speak to a member of our team about hiring a serviced office space. Alternatively, if the flexibility and community of a coworking membership is more appealing, our team will be happy to help organise this for you too. Not sure if you need permanent office space but want the convenience of meeting rooms and the professionalism of a London business address? Our virtual offices are perfect for the job. With Argyll you can enjoy many additional benefits. We are proud of our professional and attentive team who can greet you and your guests as well as organise dry cleaning, mail forwarding, catering and more. All our spaces are furnished with style and come with state of the art smart technology. We even have dog friendly offices and inspiring period properties for a truly exceptional work experience. Discover the ideal workspace for your business today. 


About Argyll Serviced Offices

We offer the most exclusive office environments at the most prestigious addresses in London. 

Driven by a desire to provide businesses with a sophisticated place to work, meet and host events, we design every element of our beautiful properties to create a lasting impression – on our customers, and their guests.

Our unique combination of distinctive buildings, contemporary yet classic interiors, unrivalled attention-to-detail and consistently exceptional service, defines our signature Argyll experience. 

We pride ourselves on never imposing our brand on our customers. Instead, our unbranded spaces provide a stylish backdrop, while our empowered team delivers a personal service to support our customers’ success.

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