The future of work is changing and it can all be linked to a post pandemic society. For some, commuting to reach the office by 9am may be a distant memory, some a reality, but what other workplace trends can we see in the future of work? Our guide has four of the newest trends employees may experience over the coming year.

This is all while companies re-evaluate their current structures, to work out an effective system which works for them. At Argyll, we can help support your new way of working by offering flexible office space in 30 prime London locations. Discover the four future work trends which are being integrated into existing company culture.

Work from home moves to work from anywhere

The uncertainty of the pandemic led the government to insist employees work from home unless key workers. This workplace trend has gone one step further by companies allowing employees to work from anywhere. A future of work shift, such as this, can lead to many benefits for both the employee and employer:  

- Increased worker productivity due to better work life balance
- Employees have full geographic flexibility
- Employees can have higher workplace satisfaction
- Higher job commitment

If companies want to reap these rewards, they will have to take the future of work into consideration. This is because it has been seen that when employees are given a range of choices, in terms of work location, they can become more innovative. This isn’t to say this way of working suits all business models, but becoming more versatile and collaborative can definitely have a positive effect. Argyll can support your choice to adapt to a work from anywhere model, by providing co-working spaces for your team. These areas can allow your team to think creatively while working in a refined, elegant environment. Choose from twelve of our co-working locations that offer on-site amenities and attentive business support. 

Hybrid office model

A Hybrid office model is the flexible solution to seamlessly transition between working from a London office space, public location or remotely from home. Many organisations are looking to incorporate hybrid working environments into the future of their work, as it is an option which can suit a variety of employees. Having a place where employees can connect and collaborate a couple of times a week is important for many reasons. From solving problems face-to-face quickly, to boosting team morale and mental wellbeing. Whichever location you perform best in, Argyll can offer a solution to your future of work. We have hybrid working solutions which means you can occupy a smaller office for your core team, while providing hot desking for when you need to bring the wider team together.


As the future of work has rapidly adapted, another trend post pandemic is refreshing and updating skill sets. Whether that is in the form of technological advancements or personal soft skills, it is vital to stay current and up to date for the future of work. This is possible as with reduced commuting, employees have more time to spend advancing their knowledge in their chosen field. 

Within many industries, technology is at the forefront of making employees' lives easier and more efficient but to be current you have to constantly refresh your skills. To up-skill you can take online courses in your industries field or as a company you can host team days to learn together. Argyll can benefit this future of work by providing London meeting rooms which you can gather your whole team in. You can choose your layout from: boardroom, U-shape, classroom or theatre, whichever is most appropriate. Having company learning days can allow the team to connect and bounce new innovative ideas off each other in a safe environment.

Dog friendly offices

A future of work trend which significantly increased during lockdown was the demand for dog-friendly office spaces. Throughout the lockdown there was a rise in people purchasing dogs, as they were forced to work from home, so had time to look after their new pets. As the world reopens offices, employees are wanting their work environment to accommodate their dogs too. This comes as no surprise as there have been numerous studies to prove the positive effects dogs can have on employees wellbeing. The benefits include:

- Lower stress levels throughout the day
- Increased team connectivity
- Higher productivity & employee moral

The benefits towards this future work environment are not restricted to one industry field, but in fact any organisation which allows dog-friendly offices. Companies such as ZgN#q%p)@yo$=Google, AirBnB and Amazon all allow employees to bring their dogs to work, in a bid to boost team wellbeing. 

Dog friendly spaces are now one of Argyll’s added extras. Before you do bring your dog in, we ask that you check our dog etiquette guide. This is to help ensure everybody feels comfortable within the working environment. Considerations include:

- Other employees (incase anyone is allergic or frightened of dogs)
- Does your dog have all their up to date vaccinations?
- Bring additional items for your dog to play with and stay entertained 

About Argyll private offices

Founded over 20 years ago, Argyll’s ambitions have never changed. Our number one aim has always been to provide businesses exceptional, private offices and workspaces in London’s most prestigious locations. Currently we have 30 London office locations to choose from, which means we are sure to have a workspace suitable for your team to return together safely. Whether you choose a meeting room, a virtual office, or a co-working area, you will receive our premium workspace and personal, attentive service for your every need.

Discover our selection of serviced offices which you can safely gather your whole team together in today.

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