Strong connections at work can make for a more collaborative team, which ultimately can help to elevate productivity when performing tasks. In 2022, reconnecting seems to be the thing people are most pushing towards, after being isolated for so long.

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Why is making connections important at work?

5 Ways to connect at work with Argyll

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Doing things virtually and taking advantage of zoom rooms has worked well to keep businesses running. But now is the time to reconnect. Connect with clients, with colleagues, and with new businesses. Working with us can help you achieve these goals. With over 30 iconic locations in London, you can choose the perfect space for you to start your journey of connecting at work. 


Why is making connections important at work?

Connections are important in the workplace as they can be the driving force behind your most successful achievements. When we talk about reconnecting, it is not just about the social activities behind the scenes, it's ensuring your team is harmonious to achieve the best possible results. Many organisations may use the phrases “we’re like a family” or “we are all so in sync” to prove they have a deep rooted connection to each other. Which could be true, but more often than not you may find frictions in some areas. For this reason, connecting at work can be on a much smaller scale. Simply understanding and relating to peoples: values, perspectives, ideas and objectives, to name but a few, can start the process of a more collaborative working environment.   

Connections at work can come in all shapes and sizes, and more often than not can go unmissed. Examples of different types of connections include:

- Workplace friendships
- Emotionally connecting to a specific project
- Connecting emotionally to the organisation’s workplace values and goals

No matter the type of connections you want to achieve in your working space, we have the perfect London office space for you.    


5 Ways to connect at work with Argyll 

One thing on everyone's minds after the un certain times of late is getting back to human interaction. Connecting at work is vital as we spend a strong proportion of our lives in the company of our colleagues. It can sometimes be these individuals we turn to first in need of comfort, which is why reconnecting after so long is important.

We believe we have the right accommodation for your organisation in the heart of London. Discover our guide to the five ways you can reconnect at work.  


Think of your organisation as a community

Communities can be thought of as a safe space in which all the people are: respected, supported and sometimes even loved. This dynamic within a workspace can make for a unified team, which most importantly respects each other and what they do. It can sometimes even shift your perspective of others and unite each other's common goals and purposes.  

With the help of our serviced offices, you and your team can meet in person, in one of our London meeting rooms, to collaborate and share each other's thoughts and ideas. Our corporate meeting rooms in London are available to hire for an hour, half a day or a full day. Each meeting space can come equipped with everything you need including:

- Whiteboard and flip chat with pad and pens
- Video-conferencing on request
- Fresh coffee available on request
- Concierge service button & IT support
- Diverse menu of catering options 
- Excellent natural light
- A layout to suit your needs (Boardroom, U-shape, Classroom or Theatre)


Create a sense of belonging 

Within your workplace, everyone should be made to feel comfortable and safe. Whether you have been with your business for more than 20 years or if it’s your first day. Achieving this goal and connecting at work can be easy when you're working in a beautiful London office. 

Within many of our serviced offices, you will find coworking spaces. These areas within the building offer spaciousness, high-quality furniture and a refined aesthetic. Perfect for spending breakout times with your colleagues, or a relaxing environment to sit quietly with a cup of coffee. You can embrace the sense of belonging in your team within our comfortable coworking and lounge spaces.    


Make it easy to be flexible

If we have learnt anything from the last few years, it is that we have to be flexible to change. Shifting our working style to at home offices may have been a big difference to some and a relief to others. Now things are changing, allowing your team to experience the best of both worlds is possible with our hybrid solutions.

Work smart to reconnect at work by securing a prime London office base, without having to pay for empty desks when half of the team works remotely. Our hub and flex idea, ensures those who want the traditional office environment have the space, while also accommodating for those who like to work from home. If those who work remotely want to join the team in the office, this is possible by our complimentary hot desking. Our method is a truly cost effective way to ensure your team has the flexibility to connect at work from their own individual preferences.   


Allow everyone a voice 

Ensuring your whole team has a voice can be one of the most important aspects to connecting at work. Providing this opportunity can show trust, respect and that you value their opinions. To introduce and encourage this behaviour throughout your organisation, you can start off small by using polls and feedback surveys towards company culture. You may find out things you didn’t already know and open doors to new conversations.  


Keep your companies values front & centre 

Leading by example, keeping your company values at the front and centre of topics can reinforce why connecting at work is so important. When leaders show their passion and drive towards a common goal, it makes it seem more achievable to those who are following. Starting this early within the growth stages of your organisation can cement the culture moving forward.  

If you are not quite ready to secure your own London service office, we can help you by providing a virtual office membership. What this means is that even if you work from home your business doesn’t need to be. By choosing one of our prime locations, you can use this address on any communications and business stationary. What’s more we can handle your incoming business mail and forward it on, as well as providing you with meeting rooms of your choice to host clients.   



About Argyll serviced offices

Argyll offers the most exclusive office environments at the most prestigious addresses in London. Driven by a desire to provide businesses with a sophisticated place to work, meet and host events, we design every element of our beautiful properties to create a lasting impression – on our customers, and their guests.

Our unique combination of distinctive buildings, contemporary yet classic interiors, unrivalled attention-to-detail and consistently exceptional service, defines our signature Argyll experience. We pride ourselves on never imposing our brand on our customers. Instead, our unbranded spaces provide a stylish backdrop, while our empowered team delivers a personal service to support our customers’ success.

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