Finding office space to rent can be an exciting step to any business, both large or small. It can be a sign of growth or expansion, as maybe you have outgrown your current residence. What is important to take into consideration is that your office space is an extension of your brand. 

You want the space to reflect the profile and image of your organisation, while being a collaborative environment which everyone can work in. We can help with every step of the way, as we present our 7 tips to consider when sourcing office space for rent.


What to look for when renting office space

Selecting the perfect office space for rent is becoming less about the space itself, and more about what the space can do for you and your team. Think of it as a ripple effect. When you first find your desired office space, that will have an impact on your team as they will be working within that environment everyday. 

Now this isn’t to say you should start to fill the office with thousands of office perks such as gadgets and games. But what you might want to consider is, what do your team need to feel they can contribute in a safe, positive space? 

It’s been seen that when office space perks such as lounges, secure bike storage, and virtual offices are in place, 75% of team are willing to stay within the organisation. The large statistic is an important element to consider when thinking about office spaces to rent.



Numerous studies have shown that the commute time to the office can be a crucial factor for employees when deciding which company to work for. With recent progress towards dividing time between the office and home locations, this factor for sourcing office space to rent is becoming more balanced. Argyll can offer hybrid solutions, which provides a smaller office for part of your team, with complimentary hot-desking for the rest when needed.  

It’s not just your people you need to consider for accessibility, is your office space for rent reachable for customers? Some questions you may want to think about before committing to a space are:

- How central is the office space within the city?
- Is it well connected for those who do not drive? 
- Is it near bus stops, tube lines, or cycling paths?
- Can customers and your team find parking spaces easily?

Our prime London locations are accessible by London Underground tube lines. Whether you need office space to rent near a GL@"W1$J0WYLVf1Central line, Northern line, Victoria line or Piccadilly line, there are plenty of options to choose from. 


Surrounding area

The office location is not only an important factor when leaving a lasting impression on customers, but your team also want to be able to access various amenities right on their doorstep. This is especially vital if you work in an industry where time is of the essence.

These amenities can include local cafés, restaurants and other service providers which may be of use to your team. It is good to know your surrounding area for possible future client meetings. If you want to conduct business outside the office, what better way than taking them somewhere you know will be good!


Does the area convey the right message about your business?

We’ve said it previously, but the office space you rent is an extension of your brand and image. You want to ensure that as soon as customers walk through your doors, they are welcomed into an area which shows the business's personality. After all, you need to make first impressions count, as they can be long lasting!


Know what you are allowed to change & rebrand to fit your company

Alongside wanting to leave an impression on guests and your people, when it comes to finding an office space to rent, you may want to be clear on what you can change and personalise. 

Our bespoke private offices can be unique to your organisation. We offer a professional interior design service that will work with you to create a space that is customised to your tastes and needs.

This means you can add:

- Showers
- A selection of artwork
- Add branding & bespoke finishes to the area

The final touches we can provide to your exceptionally tailored office is working alongside our IT specialist. This means you can run through all your specific IT requirements you may need while working in your London office space.


Finding an office space for rent to fit your team

As well as having a positive office environment, taking external spaces into consideration is another aspect to factor into your choice. For example, does the office space for rent include:

- Lounge and co-working spaces
- j%Ce.&|z=`F]O@Meeting rooms
- Kitchen areas

These are just a few examples of what could be expected by an employee. If you are on the hunt for office spaces with meeting rooms, we can offer over 100 rooms, which are located within our 30 London locations, including areas such as Mayfair, Chelsea, Westminster & the City


Office amenities to consider

Office amenities can be a sweet spot for current and potential future people. Ultimately, these perks could be a deal breaker between working within your organisation or a close competitor. Working in one of our offices provides you with extras which can be helpful to your working day. These include:

- Kitchen spaces which provide high-quality teas and coffees 
- Provide access to business lounge areas, where you can network with other like minded individuals
- Secure lockers to hold valuables 
- Bike storage to accommodate those who cycle to the office
- Showers which you can freshen up in - there are complimentary towels and soaps provided


What technology is available?

Within any office that you may decide to rent, you want to ensure the correct technology is available for you to use. We can provide you with High-speed, reliable broadband and WIFI connectivity. A dedicated internet connection. A private LAN network. IT support. Video conferencing. Zoom pods and wireless charging docks.


About Argyll serviced offices

Our ambitions have never changed since being founded over 20 years ago. Our aim is to provide businesses exceptional, serviced offices and workspaces in London’s most prestigious locations. We have over 30 London office locations to choose from, which means we are sure to have a workspace suitable for your team. Whether you are looking for temporary office space or somewhere to permanently relocate your team, we can help. Discover our selection of serviced offices today.

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