Office spaces are getting smarter. In the last decade, the working environment is one area which has dramatically changed in terms of relying on technology.

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What is a smart office?

Benefits of a smart office

Features of a smart office

Having the most up to date technology solutions can not only benefit employers hiring candidates, but also employees with managing their daily tasks. As a new wave of employees come into the workforce, it is important to take new methods of working into consideration. Whether that is hybrid or hot desking, these new transitions are being referred to as smart offices. Learn more about smart offices and how they can help your organisation.

What is a smart office?

Smart offices use a range of technology to help employees work both efficiently and productively, wherever they are. This means, no matter if you are physically in the office or working remotely, the team can stay connected on tasks. By having a smart office in place for your team, you may find processes become more streamlined and automated, as the technology in place can help to provide better insights for your colleagues. Try one for yourself when looking for your next London office space.

3 Benefits of a smart office

Smart offices can present your organisation a range of benefits, but the main three to be aware of are:

1. Office security

Smart offices can be considered more secure, in comparison to a traditional office, because they can include data security settings and cloud-based solutions. What this means is that the data is easy to access by those who need it, but there may be several security levels to pass if you are not granted access.

2. Office flexibility 

These types of offices can make the working environment more flexible to its employees. This is seen through being able to customise:
- Their daily schedule, 
- Control their physical environment (the temperature via an app),
- Make advanced booking requests to different work spaces. 

The term used for this flexible working is often referred to as a hybrid solution. If put in place, it means employees have a physical office base that they can work from several times during the week, then the other time they can work remotely. This new way of working has become one of the major 2022 working trends

3. Increased productivity

Most employers want to know how to increase productivity in their organisation, and one way you can do that is by considering a smart office. As well as being able to offer flexibility to their employees, a smart office can make processes more streamlined and efficient. This is due to a collaborative environment, where all employees can work together, no matter their physical location. Data can be shared easily between colleagues, without the risk of being lost or misplaced, and tasks can be stored safely online. A combination of these elements allows for increased productivity to take place within the workforce.

3 Features of a smart office

Smart offices may seem a futuristic way of working, but this style can easily be incorporated into your current office space. The top three features include:


Smart meeting rooms

Meeting rooms can be necessary to many organisations, as they can hold large groups together, host formal interviews, or be a venue to host an event. What makes a smart meeting room different is the technology provided in the space. More often than not, smart meeting rooms will be kitted out with tools and equipment you will need during your session to make it easier for you to perform your tasks.

This being said, there may be a feature within the room for you to request items during your allocated slot. Whether it is a telecom button or a phone to dial your call to reception, you may be able to ask for more writing resources, connection leads or anything else you may require. 

Hiring a meeting room with us means you can choose between four room layouts:

- Boardroom: Classic seating style to facilitate open discussion.
- Theatre: Ideal for conferences or presentations to large groups. 
- Classroom: Makes note taking easy during presentations.
- U-shape: Perfect for presentations, video conferencing and training.


Smart workspaces

Smart workspaces are breakout areas that employees can use alongside their formal office environment. Whether it's a relaxed coworking space to collaborate ideas, or a hot desking suite to work individually. Depending on the task at hand, employees can choose the most appropriate setting for them to work in.


Visual collaborations

Visual collaborations can be an umbrella term for software which includes video and workspace collaborative tools. Having these tools in place can ensure the whole team can stay connected, no matter where they are in the world. There are a selection of tools available to cater for your company, so it’s about finding the right one for you.

Workspace collaborative tools can be used in a similar way to video conferencing, but instead they make it easy to:

- Share documents 
- Multi-person screen share
- Integrate with other productivity tools such as Trello, Google Docs and Slack.


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