SME office spaces can look very different depending on your company's needs. There is no one size fits all solution.

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What is an SME?

How Renting an Office Space Can Benefit SME Businesses

Why Choose London for Your SME Office

Which Area of London is Best for Your SME Office?

Why Choose Argyll for Your SME Office

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This is why we go above and beyond to create flexible work spaces which can adapt to your needs. We pride ourselves on having exceptional people who play a central role in our customers’ experience specifically here to support you, to premium meeting rooms for impressing clients and fluid spaces to accommodate your growing team. When looking for an SME office, don’t compromise and settle for less. Discover all the ways our office can support your SME. 


What is an SME?

SME stands for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. According to the EU, to be classed as an SME a company must have fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than €50 million. SME is quite a broad term which can be split into smaller categories. There are micro businesses which have fewer than 10 employees. Small businesses which have fewer than 50 employees and Medium businesses which have between 50 and 250 employees. It is thought that SMEs account for 99% of businesses in the UK.


How Renting an Office Space Can Benefit SME Businesses

Renting a new office space for your SME can be an exciting step. However, is it right for your business? Here are a few of the ways your company can benefit from an SME office. 

An SME office is a space for employees to prosper - Unlock the full potential of your employees by bringing them together in an inspiring office space. By offering hybrid working across the SME office and working from home you can help to keep business feeling fresh and generate productivity. SME offices are a place for teamwork and those all important incidental information exchanges that support your company to evolve and grow. 

An SME office is a space to impress clients - zoom meetings can be effective but a stylish SME office can establish legitimacy and really leave a good impression. By conversing with potential clients in a top quality, contemporary meeting room, your surroundings can help you demonstrate that your company is also top quality. 

Renting an SME office is cost effective - Buying an SME office can take a large portion of money out of your funds. Also, it can be hard to predict your growth and know whether the space will be suitable in even a year's time. Renting a flexible office for your SME is a more cost effective solution. With us, there is room to expand when the time is right.


Why Choose London for Your SME Office 

Few locations can beat renting an office space in London. The city is a thriving centre of business and holds a wealth of opportunities for SMEs. The list of benefits of working in London could be a long one. Here are a few of the top reasons to choose London as a base for your SME office.

- Networking Opportunities. Being neighbours with innumerable other companies offers lots of chances for networking. Attend or host events to make new connections, raise brand awareness and be inspired.

- Large pool of new and diverse talent. If and when you are looking to grow your company, London attracts new talent and expertise from around the world.

- Home to world-class restaurants, bars and pubs. London is full of exceptional and exciting eateries. There are plenty of options for anything from wining and dining clients to relaxing with coworkers after hours. 

- Extensive Transport Links. London is well connected to the rest of the country as well as internationally via its many airports. 


Which Area of London is Best for Your SME Office?

Convinced London is the perfect place to base your SME office? Narrow down your search further by discovering which London location is the best for your business. Different London areas are hubs for different industries. For example:

- The Square Mile, in the City of London is considered the heart of London’s finance district.

Mayfair is the hub for high end retail organisations.

- Shoreditch is known for startup offices and the technology industry.

- Soho near Covent Garden is home to the creative and media industries. 

- Canary Wharf is bustling with legal and finance business.

Westminster is home to many real estate companies.


We have over 30 exquisite office environments across London in some of the most iconic locations allowing you to secure an SME office in your preferred industry hub. It is also worth considering travel options and commuter journeys. For example, an SME office near the Waterloo and City line or near Paddington Station offers easy access to central London as well as south west England. Alternatively, you could choose an SME office near Liverpool Street Station for easy access to the East of England and the Square Mile.  


Why Choose Argyll for Your SME Office

Our exclusive office spaces are well designed to support SME businesses. We think and act like one team, internally and with our customers and suppliers, bonded by mutual trust and respect. We strive for the highest and most consistent standards so whatever you are looking for, our team would be delighted to help find the ideal solution. Here are some of the qualities that make us the perfect choice for your SME office:

Flexibility - Your SME can benefit from out m!W}w"#U'Q.~+Nhub and flex solutions. This option allows you to secure a small office space for your core team, with the addition of complimentary hot desking for any additional coworkers as and when you need it. This flexibility provides room to grow, supports hybrid working and is cost effective.

Coworking - For small businesses, coworking spaces are a very attractive option. Your SME office can benefit from natural networking by sharing a space with other workers. Enjoy the amenities of a large office without the expense of owning one by diluting the cost with other companies. What’s more, one our membership provides you with access to 12 coworking spaces across London.

Additional Benefits - All of our offices come with added extras which set us apart from competitors. These perks include having exceptional people working for us who play a central role in our customers’ experience. Our reception team can greet guests, handle mail and arrange dry cleaning. Our IT team are also always on hand to support you with any tech issues. Catering options are available to help you host the perfect event. Office amenities such as kitchens, bike storage and showers. Plus much more. 


About Argyll Serviced Offices

Argyll offers the most exclusive office environments at the most prestigious addresses in London.

Driven by a desire to provide businesses with a sophisticated place to work, meet and host events, we design every element of our beautiful properties to create a lasting impression – on our customers, and their guests. Our unique combination of distinctive buildings, contemporary yet classic interiors, unrivalled attention-to-detail and consistently exceptional service, defines our signature Argyll experience.

We pride ourselves on never imposing our brand on our customers. Instead, our unbranded spaces provide a stylish backdrop, while our empowered team delivers a personal service to support our customers’ success.

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