Post-pandemic event

Summer work events have the potential to supply companies with a plethora of positive benefits.

Everyone can let off some steam and enjoy the summer sun, team leaders can demonstrate how grateful they are for their brilliant staff and it can be the perfect opportunity to impress potential new clients. The list could continue. Hosting perfect summer work events can involve a lot of planning and effort, not to mention organisation to make sure everything runs smoothly. With Argyll, summer work events can become a breeze. We are dedicated to creating environments the entire team can enjoy and handling the minor details so you can stay focused on your work. Discover how Argyll can help you host exceptional summer work events in London now.

Hosting the Finest Summer Work Events in London 

Summer work events and corporate events are fantastic for your company culture. They are a time when employees can reconnect with team members outside of their regular circle and can create a sense of camaraderie throughout the company. What’s more, post-pandemic events are extra important for celebrating the chance to be back together again. However, to best reap the benefits of summer work events, it is important to create a relaxed environment where everyone can genuinely enjoy themselves. Argyll is on hand to help you procure the essential elements of an exceptional corporate event.


The Finest Events Spaces

To make your summer work event truly memorable, it’s integral that you find an ideal space. A place should be large enough to comfortably accommodate all your guests but not so big as to feel empty. It should have the facilities to create the perfect atmosphere and set the tone of your event. Perhaps most importantly, it should be an environment where everyone can feel safe, happy and at ease. Argyll goes above and beyond to create spaces which fulfil the above criteria. Our collection of event venues are the ultimate backdrop for summer work events. From the sophisticated art-deco rooftop of Michelin House to the stylish Nova North lounge with views overlooking Buckingham Palace, there is an Argyll space suitable for every type of event. What’s more, Argyll can provide R[4sbP{=UH_mu&added extras to take your summer work events to the next level. Floral centrepieces, bespoke branded banners, and goodie bags are just a few examples of what we can provide to transform a space into your perfect venue.


The Finest Events Locations

An event space is only as good as its location. Inconvenient destinations can detract from the excitement of the event and deter guests from attending. If you are hosting summer work events, it’s important to choose somewhere easily accessible with good transport links. Argyll has a multitude of premium events spaces across London’s most enviable locations. Trying to bring people together in the heart of London? Try our event venues in Holborn or Covent Garden. Prefer to avoid the busy centre, why not consider our event spaces in Kensington and Chelsea? Whatever your needs, Argyll can help you secure your ideal corporate event space in the perfect spot.

The Finest Catering 

Excellent catering can be the difference between an exceptional summer work event and an average one. It can also be one of the most stressful elements to organise. Argyll offers bespoke catering services which can handle everything for you. From the first canapé to the final cocktail, leave it all in our capable hands to organise. Our distinguished caterers are carefully selected for their ability to create delicious food with style and flair. We can offer a range of packages from drinks only options from bbq menus to five course meals. Our sample menus can give you an indication of the premium catering you can expect. Guests will leave your summer work events thoroughly satisfied. 


The Finest Entertainment

Bringing everyone together is just the first step of a summer work event. Providing first class entertainment is a fantastic way to break the ice and keep guests amused. The list of entertainment packages which Argyll can offer is a long one. Wow everyone with magic tricks during cocktails, get everybody dancing with live music or delight guests with arcade games and photo booths. If you have your own entertainment, speeches or presentations planned, Argyll has the facilities to support this too. We work with industry-leading audio-visual partners who can advise on lighting, sound and technology. They’ve worked within our spaces before, so are uniquely placed to transform your vision into a reality. Argyll can help you treat your guests to a truly wonderful summer work event they’ll be talking about for the rest of the year. 

Argyll for Any Occasion

Summer work events can range from formal and sophisticated affairs to jolly afternoon celebrations. The tone of your corporate gathering could be dependent on the occasion, guest list or company culture. Argyll are proud to offer a wide selection of spaces which can be adapted to suit any organisation on any occasion. We have spacious areas such as The Great Room which are well suited to hosting panel discussions and keynote speakers. In contrast, the roof terrace at King William Street is superb for wine tastings, afternoon tea or networking events. We understand that summer work events come in all shapes and sizes and Argyll are here to help make them all possible.


About Argyll Serviced Offices

Argyll’s ambitions have never changed since being founded over 20 years ago. Our aim is to provide businesses with exceptional, serviced offices and workspaces in London’s most prestigious locations. We have over 30 London office locations to choose from, which means we are sure to have a workspace suitable for your team to return together safely. Discover our selection of serviced offices today.

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