More and more people are making use of a virtual office as a business address. This can help anchor your business in a more prestigious location. We take a look into what a virtual office is, whether you can use them for a business address, and what it can do for your business. If you’re interested in finding more information about virtual offices in London or getting a virtual business address, you’re in the right place.

Can I use a virtual address for my business?

Yes, the answer is that you probably can use a virtual address for your business. A virtual business address is not actually virtual. It’s a real address used as a reference point for your business. You can register your business at that address, add it to your communications, and receive mail at this address. 

While you may run your business online, in a virtual space, you and your business are real. You will need to comply with licensing rules and allow government agencies to be able to contact you and establish your business.

Why should I use a virtual business address?

There are a few reasons why you should have a virtual business address. 

You may want to ask yourself a few questions to decide whether a virtual address would work for your business. Would your business benefit from a virtual address? Does your business require a professional look? Do you really want your personal address being displayed on the public record?

The main reason you should use a virtual business address is the professionalism and prestige that comes along with it. A customer or client may be put-off by a business address registered to a home. A business registered to an office building in London holds professionalism and prestige. This will also help to keep your business and home life separate. So the option of a Chelsea postcode for your business is possible.

 We will handle your communications, and forward your business mail to you every week.

One big benefit of a virtual business address is that whilst you may do most of your work online, you may have to meet clients or investors in person. This way you have a professional meeting place ready to host you. . You can book meeting rooms by the hour, half day, or full day with ease. We also offer preferential rates for our virtual office holders. We have more than 100 rooms to choose from, which can host 2 – 30 guests. We offer catering and video-conferencing. We also have a professional reception team to greet your guests and show them to your room.

With a virtual office, you’ll be able to expand your business more easily. You may be able to hire space within your virtual office building and add more staff with ease. They’re also great if you want to expand to a new location. Most virtual office companies have multiple buildings, making your expansion into these areas easier. We have 30 office spaces across London, and so you can expand your business into another of our iconic addresses with ease. 

How do I set up a virtual business address?

Setting up a virtual business address is simple. Once you have found a provider of virtual office space, arrange a rental plan and choose what extras you want access to. Pay the associated fees and you’ve got your business address! You’re buying an address rather than actual property. So, it’s much easier than renting physical office space. 

At Argyll, we’ve made setting up a virtual office business address as easy as it can be. Choose your preferred address from our 35 iconic London locations, choose what you want from us, and there you have it. Simply enquire to let us know you’re interested and we’ll get in touch to do the rest. 

How much does a virtual business address cost?

You can use a virtual business address by simply registering your business at one of our iconic London locations. Prices vary depending on the services and support you need for your business and the location you choose. Our virtual offices in London start at £75 + VAT pcm.

You can add a London telephone number and allow our professional team to answer your calls on your behalf. We forward calls to you, take messages and email them to you. 

Host meetings in our offices at preferential rates. You can book from as little as an hour, or for half or full days. 

You can also hot desk in any of our sociable co-working areas or work from our relaxed lounges. Reserve your place by the day, for as many as you need. 

Finding a virtual office for your business is easy. With a variety of locations to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one to add that element of sophistication to your business. 

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