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The first coworking spaces began appearing in the early 2000s but they have recently experienced a surge in popularity.

Despite the current buzz around the term, many people still have questions surrounding what exactly a coworking space is, what it entails, and what the benefits are. If you are wondering whether a coworking space is right for your needs, then this article should help answer all your questions. With over 30 prime locations across London, we are sure Argyll has the right office solution for your organisation. 

What is a Coworking Space?

A coworking space is an office environment where people from different companies come together to work separately in a shared area. Historically popular with self-employed freelancers and small start-up companies, coworking spaces are also a viable alternative office area for remote workers and larger corporate teams. Coworking spaces are often equipped with the facilities expected in a traditional office such as private desks, stationary and meeting rooms. They also champion innovative working solutions such as hot desking and collaboration hubs. As a result, coworking spaces are well suited to nurturing most aspects of modern work. 

The Benefits of a Coworking Space

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and work-from-home scheme, we are being encouraged to rethink how we work. Now is the time to evaluate what future work spaces might look like. To help, we have compiled a list of a few of the benefits of coworking.

- Increased Productivity
Coworking Spaces can be excellent for providing an energetic and productive environment that you might not experience whilst working from a home office or a cafe. Sharing a coworking space with other driven workers not only creates a sense of community and camaraderie but also enhances your own focus. Unlike in traditional offices, the ever shifting attendees create variation that inhibits drudgery and monotony from slowing your productivity. Furthermore, leaving the isolation of a home office and travelling to a coworking space can help to bring regiment to your schedule and prevent slipping into a sluggish work routine.

- Greater Flexibility
Most coworking spaces offer flexible contracts so you are only paying for what you actually use and need. Whether you are interested in a daily personal space or a place to bring the team together every fortnight, coworking spaces can mould to your requirements. This is particularly beneficial if your team is growing at an unpredictable rate and committing to a limited space is risky. Coworking spaces are well suited to k']^D35FXU-,, allowing for the best of remote working and office working. Coworking spaces generally provide a range of desk types and working areas so you can be flexible with how you work. Whether you need a whiteboard and conversation, or quiet and deep focus, coworking spaces often accommodate it all. 

- Natural Networking
Another benefit of coworking spaces is that they allow visitors to branch between independent work and external collaboration. Sharing a space with people from your industry and beyond generates chances to unlock potential connections, build relationships and create opportunities with new people. Having conversations and incidental exchanges with people outside your team can also help spark creative innovations and shed new light on ongoing projects.

- Affordable Options
Coworking spaces can be far more cost-efficient than other London office spaces. By diluting the cost of facilities such as internet, printers, reception services and maintenance bills with employees from other companies, businesses can enjoy the amenities of a large office without the expense of owning one. Coworking spaces offer high quality working environments and affordable rates.

3 Features of Renting an Argyll Coworking Space

At Argyll, we go above and beyond to support you and your business needs. The high quality of our coworking spaces reflect this. These are some of the added extras we provide to ensure your working day runs as smoothly as possible.


Access to Multiple London Locations

With Argyll, one membership provides you with access to 12 coworking spaces across London’s most desirable areas. This gives you the option to move between working from any of the following locations:

Cornhill, City
Michelin House, Kensington & Chelsea
Hill Street, Mayfair
King William Street, City
North Audley Street, Mayfair
Nova North, Victoria & Westminster
Octagon Point, City
St James’s Square, Mayfair
Berkeley Square, Mayfair
Central Court, Holborn & Covent Garden
Gresham Street, City
King Street, City

Our wide choice of locations allows for increased flexibility and shorter commute times which can improve quality of life. What’s more, Argyll’s many coworking spaces can be a convenient midpoint for meeting and entertaining clients. By using our coworking spaces,  it is possible to save time without compromising impressive and high quality surroundings. 


Exceptional Meeting Rooms in London

Whether it is to run an inspiring AGM, deliver a crucial pitch, or to bring the team all together, we understand the importance of a good meeting room. An Argyll coworking membership allows preferential access to our full range of elegant and stylish meeting rooms. With a variety of room layouts, sizes and styles, all your meeting room needs will be well taken care of. Furthermore, we are able to provide presentation tools such as whiteboards, flip charts with pad and pens and audio visual equipment.


Attentive Service

Across Argyll’s coworking spaces you can expect to find a team of friendly and helpful individuals eager to be of assistance. From professional receptionists to greet you and your guests, through to our administrative support team, Argyll are ready and willing to handle any inconveniences so that you can stay focused. We can also help with services such as arranging taxis, dry cleaning and laundry, and catering if required. It is all part of the Argyll package.


About Argyll Serviced Offices

Argyll’s ambitions have never changed since being founded over 20 years ago. Our aim is to provide businesses with exceptional, serviced offices and workspaces in London’s most prestigious locations. We have over 30 London office locations to choose from, which means we are sure to have a workspace suitable for your team to return together safely. Discover our selection of serviced offices today.

For more information visit workargyll.com, or @workargyll on Instagram and LinkedIn.



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