• Octagon Point

    A Guide to Dog Friendly Workplaces 2022

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 25th May 2022

    A demand for dog friendly workplaces has recently emerged as traditional working arrangements are being renegotiated in the wake of Covid-19 restrictions. Argyll has their fingers on the pulse when it comes to modern employees' wants and needs. That’s why we are proud to announce that we now offer dog friendly workplaces in some of London’s top locations.

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  • Argyll Octagon Point

    Reconnecting London Workers

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 10th January 2022

    Strong connections at work can make for a more collaborative team, which ultimately can help to elevate productivity when performing tasks. Working within an Argyll office can help you achieve these goals.

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  • City of London

    The best business reads entering 2022

    Published by michaela.wrede… | 22nd December 2021

    As we close one year and set objectives for the next, it is often an opportune moment to take stock of your business’ trajectory as well as your own. Indeed, we recently read a couple of fascinating features, which may provide both inspiration and information for those seeking new tactics for the year ahead.

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  • Nova North View

     5 Workplace Trends Shaping 2022

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 17th December 2021

    Workplace trends is an ever adapting concept which we, as organisations, need to listen closely to. Our guide provides the top five trends which we could see either start to emerge or become more prevalent in our teams. 

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  • London Mayfair

    Refresh your restaurant roster: Mayfair’s new eateries for 2022

    Published by michaela.wrede… | 10th December 2021

    The New Year is fast approaching; with it often come resolutions. Instead of purchasing a gym membership that may rarely be used, why not commit to expanding your knowledge of Mayfair’s finest cuisine and acquaint yourself with some of its new establishments?

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  • Festive Guide to Chelsea

    A guide to: festive client drinks in Kensington & Chelsea

    Published by michaela.wrede… | 23rd November 2021

    As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, the festive season is fast-approaching. For many corporates, particularly as Christmas celebrations were called off last year, it poses a question: where to take clients and colleagues for end of year drinks. For those based in Kensington and Chelsea, there are plenty of options on our doorstep...

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  • Argyll Octagon Point

    The future of work needs more humanity

    Published by michaela.wrede… | 20th October 2021

    Across the world, business leaders are set to spend $656 billion on planning for the future of work this year – a 17.4% increase from 2020. But how can we effectively plan when the future is still a little unpredictable?

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  • Outdoor meeting King William Street

    Air flow and aerobic commutes: the perks of the post-pandemic office

    Published by michaela.wrede… | 6th October 2021

    Whether it’s improved tech to facilitate Zoom meetings or a flexible lease to support a new hybrid model, 2021’s workplace is different. But despite the media’s lengthy debate over ‘the future of work’, what actually are the key ingredients of a post-pandemic office?

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