• Octagon Point

    A guide to dog friendly workplaces 2022

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 25th May 2022

    A demand for dog friendly workplaces has recently emerged as traditional working arrangements are being renegotiated in the wake of Covid-19 restrictions. Argyll has their fingers on the pulse when it comes to modern employees' wants and needs. That’s why we are proud to announce that we now offer dog friendly workplaces in some of London’s top locations.

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  • 33 St James's Square Entrance

    Private offices explained

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 24th March 2022

    Having a private office is becoming more and more popular as businesses look for new ways to conduct business. A private office allows for confidential work, without distraction, in a quiet luxury environment. 

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  • NovaNoth Exterior

    Bike friendly offices for cycling to work in London

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 24th March 2022

    Cycling to work is not new, but the popularity for this mode of transport has significantly increased over the past ten years. For this reason, having bike-friendly offices can be important for your colleagues in order to feel fresh after their commute. At Argyll we can offer a prime London location with amenities that include showers and secure bike storage. Learn more about the benefits of cycling to work and how you can support your team by providing a work environment that has office bike storage.

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  • Michelin House Drinks

    Office perks with Argyll

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 13th March 2022

    Office perks are one way workspace providers can differentiate themselves from the competition. And Argyll is no different. We believe our perks within our workspaces bring luxury to your everyday life and can benefit your work. 

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  • Argyll Octagon Point

    Reconnecting London workers

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 10th January 2022

    Strong connections at work can make for a more collaborative team, which ultimately can help to elevate productivity when performing tasks. Working within an Argyll office can help you achieve these goals.

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  • Terrace KWS

    Iconic event venues in London

    Published by sally.carter@t… | 5th January 2022

    Argyll welcomes you to the great outdoors. As lockdown eases and the whispers of “back to work” slowly get louder, you may be looking for a way to get the team back together safely. With many businesses working remotely, bringing the team together once more is essential for reestablishing working rhythms and colleague relationships. At Argyll, we want to make sure you can have this time safely. Our iconic London venues and events spaces are the perfect remedy to online working.

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  • 5 Cheapside Office

    Hybrid working: Offices of the future

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 26th December 2021

    As lockdown restrictions start to ease, a hybrid working model could be at the forefront of businesses' minds to support their workforce. Over the last 18 months, we have all had to adapt to the ever changing restrictions, which has impacted our work environments. We know that the future of the workplace is changing, which is why moving towards a hybrid working model allows the flexibility of working both in an office and from home. At Argyll we offer exceptional private offices and co-working spaces, as well as our hub and flex working solutions. Learn the benefits of hybrid working and discover how Argyll can help you through this transition.

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  • City of London

    The best business reads entering 2022

    Published by michaela.wrede… | 22nd December 2021

    As we close one year and set objectives for the next, it is often an opportune moment to take stock of your business’ trajectory as well as your own. Indeed, we recently read a couple of fascinating features, which may provide both inspiration and information for those seeking new tactics for the year ahead.

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  • Nova North View

     5 Workplace trends shaping 2022

    Published by rachel@escapin… | 17th December 2021

    Workplace trends is an ever adapting concept which we, as organisations, need to listen closely to. Our guide provides the top five trends which we could see either start to emerge or become more prevalent in our teams. 

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  • London Mayfair

    Refresh your restaurant roster: Mayfair’s new eateries for 2022

    Published by michaela.wrede… | 10th December 2021

    The New Year is fast approaching; with it often come resolutions. Instead of purchasing a gym membership that may rarely be used, why not commit to expanding your knowledge of Mayfair’s finest cuisine and acquaint yourself with some of its new establishments?

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