We welcome well-mannered dogs at Argyll. To ensure a comfortable and professional working environment for all our customers, we have the following guidelines in place:

• Before bringing your dog to any Argyll building, you must receive prior written consent from the General Manager. 

• Dogs must behave in line with our guidelines, otherwise we reserve the right to stop them from coming to the office.

• Dogs are not allowed in communal areas, other than the garden or courtyard. 

• Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, with the exception of your office.

• Our outside spaces are not to be used as dog toilets. Please take your dog on regular walks outside the building and clean up after your dog in an external bin.

• Dogs are not to be left unattended at any point, and are not to be left alone in offices.

• If any damage is incurred to our furnishings, we may have to charge for the repair or replacement. Similarly, if we incur additional cleaning costs as a result of your dog visiting the building we may have to invoice you for this.

• We ask that you control any noise made by your dog to ensure it does not disturb other customers.


If you'd like to bring your dog to the office, please email your General Manager for more information.