The Benefits of Renting Offices with Showers

Working in an office with shower facilities is a perk your team will appreciate. With initiatives to promote greener commutes to work, more people are walking or cycling into the office. This makes having the option to shower at the office more important than ever as it allows employees to freshen up for the day ahead. Likewise, working in an office with shower facilities opens up the chance for your team to visit the gym before work or at lunchtimes. 

One of the benefits of finding office space in London is that you can participate in a range of post-work activities. Renting an office with shower rooms allows your team to get ready for these events. From client drinks, to networking events, or any other obligations they may have outside working hours. 

Renting an office with shower rooms also offers the chance for the refresh you need in fast paced London life. We know that it is the little things that make the biggest impact – to our customers, their guests, and to each other. Make it easier than ever for your team to have a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle by renting one of our exclusive offices with showers today.

Argyll Offices With Showers

We have offices with showers located in seven prime London neighbourhoods. This means you can find an exclusive space in a convenient and ideal area for your needs. Whether you want to hire a private office space with showers in the financial district of The City of London or find a flexible coworking space with shower rooms in prestigious Mayfair. No matter the size, requirements or industry of your business, you can enjoy the benefits of an office with shower facilities. Explore our unique collection of properties now.

Perks of Renting Office Space with Argyll

Perks such as office shower facilities are just one example of how we try to go above and beyond to take comprehensive care of all your needs. Our luxury shower rooms offer a chance to reset. Our garden spaces are ideal for a break from the screen. Our exclusive business lounges are perfect for brainstorming sessions and our fully equipped kitchens help to keep you refreshed throughout the day. We also have a friendly and professional team on hand to assist you wherever possible.

Enviable Locations

Our exclusive office environments offer you a choice of prime London locations. From Berkeley Square to St James’s Square, place your business in one of the capital’s most prestigious buildings.