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The Benefits of Renting Offices with Bike Storage

Argyll’s offices with secure bike storage offer the opportunity to cycle to work, an option that is becoming more sought after by modern workers. With initiatives to promote more eco-friendly commutes and expanding networks of cycle lanes across London, bike friendly offices are becoming an appealing place to work.

What’s more, it can be hard to balance a healthy lifestyle and a busy career. Providing offices with bike storage makes this one step simpler for your employees. What’s more, following your cycle into the office, you can enjoy Argyll’s additional office perks. From high quality furnishings and comfortable seating, to showers so you can refresh and kitchens so you can refuel.

Argyll Offices With Secure Bike Storage

Our offices with secure bike storage offer the option for a commute to work that is cleaner for the planet and healthier for you. Located in seven prime London neighbourhoods, your team can enjoy the best of what London has to offer from your bikes!

Enviable Locations

Our workspaces offer you a choice of prime London locations. From Berkeley Square to St James’s Square, place your business in one of the capital’s most prestigious buildings.