Building a sustainable business


Environmental, Social and Governance


Building a sustainable business


Environmental, Social and Governance

We believe that having a robust ESG strategy is essential to building a responsible, sustainable business. It benefits not only our customers and employees, but also our local communities and wider stakeholders.

We continually set ourselves challenging environmental, social and governance targets, so we can maintain and grow a strong, sustainable business. This page outlines our ambitions, how we are working to deliver on our responsibilities, and how we’re embedding them within our business DNA.

We will continue to review and update our strategy as we grow as a business and develop our processes.


We recognise the impact that our business has on the environment, and are committed to rising to the climate change challenge. We take ownership of the environmental impact we make, and work to reduce and minimise this wherever possible.

Our portfolio of workspaces is a combination of owned and leased buildings, spanning modern properties through to iconic, listed buildings. While this creates some complexities for us – in particular the buildings where we don’t have direct control, or the listed buildings where interventions are much harder to implement – we are committed to the challenge. And this reaches beyond our own business to working with our partners and the wider office space industry, to drive change and continual improvement.

In order to achieve our aspiration of creating a climate-resilient business, we’ve set ourselves these key targets:

Carbon Footprint
We’re committed to measuring, monitoring, and reducing our carbon footprint annually, including all scope one and two emissions.
Net Zero Carbon
We are working to achieve Net Zero Carbon for our business, and create a climate-resilient portfolio. We are currently developing a clear roadmap for delivering on this.
Zero Waste to Landfill
We’re committed to increasing our recycling rates each year, and achieving Zero Waste to Landfill across our business.
Supporting the wider industry
We’re committed to driving the sustainability agenda forwards and collaborating with the wider industry. We have become members of the UK Green Building Council, whose mission is to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment, by transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained, and operated.

For more information about our Environmental Policy, click here.


We are committed to empowering our employees, supporting our customers, and taking an active role in the wider community we’re part of.


Argyll has a deep affinity for London – where our business lives and thrives. We believe that there are great opportunities for us to use our passion and our skills to support the continuing prosperity of the capital, and the people who live there.


In striving to achieve our ambition, our key focus areas are:

Creating opportunities to support the local community that our customers can get involved with.
Ensuring that we foster a culture that empowers, unifies and develops exceptional people, who deliver on our premium service values.
Community & Charity
Working to raise career aspirations and providing access to work experience opportunities for those in need – in particular, young people.

Our chosen charitable partner for 2022 is The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields. We believe homelessness impacts whole communities - and needs a whole community approach to solve it.

The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields is a homeless charity in central London, supporting thousands of people every year to move away from, and stay off, the streets of London. 

They do this by tackling the underlying causes of rough sleeping as well as offering practical help. They provide immediate practical relief with accommodation, hot meals, laundry and showers, and also give tailored specialist advice, support and training so that people can make longer-term changes and recover from homelessness. 

We will be launching various initiatives to support them throughout the year, but in the meantime, you can find out more about their work here. 



We operate a strong, transparent governance and reporting framework to drive our business’ success.


Argyll recognises the importance of creating and maintaining a strong and robust governance and reporting framework, that underpins our business and is essential to our success.


In delivering on our ambition, our key focus areas are:

Talent & Diversity
Creating a strong culture of diversity and inclusion across our business. Encouraging and fostering diversity of thoughts and ideas, and ensuring we are the best we can be.
Health, safety and wellbeing
Recognising the importance of health, safety and wellbeing, and putting it at the core of our business operations.
A sustainable supplier base
Developing a set of standards and values for our suppliers to align with, including ethical, labour, social value and environmental considerations.
Continuing to be open and transparent about the areas our customers and employees care about. We celebrate what we’re good at, and are honest about what we need to work on.